5 Tips on How to Save Money on a Wedding Photographer | Piacenza

1. Find someone in your budget

If you have a budget of 650 euros do not expect to get a breathtaking photographer who is paying 1200 euros a day. Find photographers that are within your price range, maximize your budget if you want to get the best out of your reach.

2. Book in advance

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Ask for availability

You will find some photographers who offer discounts for early bookings, ask them. It is also recommended to book the photographer as soon as possible, ensuring that they are not already booked on that date. The beautiful photographers will have booked and bookings will be in progress a couple of years in advance. Some photographers will offer discounts for midweek weddings, or over-season marriages in November, January and February, which are less crowded months.

3. Reduce the cover

You might have found the perfect wedding photographer, but they are a little out of the budget, a way to make this achievable could be to book for less time. Instead of being there when you are preparing you can book it from the beginning of the ceremony until you cut the cake. You could have your guests take photos by placing usable and disposable cameras on the tables during the reception. Less time will mean fewer photos and less overall processing time. Less time you need a professional photographer, less money you pay for.

4. Go Digital

Another way to reduce the cost is to shed a digital package where images are provided on a disk or downloaded, with the rights to allow them to reprint them. This allows you to print as many as you want for friends and family using a cheaper online service. When your pocket allows you might decide to make an album with all the shots put together and printed as well as saving money on a wedding photographer.

5. Word of mouth

Some wedding photographers can offer a reference system that can allow you to have a discount, recommending the photographer to friends and relatives. If you go for a digital package then this can help you get a discount if you want to decide to make a wedding album later.

How to Do not Save Money

There may be other methods you think you can save money, like asking a friend or family to capture your big day. This will definitely be real savings (not), we also wrote an article on why you should hire a professional wedding photographer that we hope will make you think twice before going this way.

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