A good thought from your photographer

what surprises I have in store for you for the year that comes from your wedding photographer Piacenza

Since this year has ended with many more successes than I would have expected (sometimes I am astonished myself), I begin to thank those who have chosen me as a photographer of their wedding but also with those with whom I will work in the future.

Since I love to progress continuously, I have prepared some surprises for future spouses of whom I will be a photographer. Yes, beautiful surprises, colorful and delineated in the best way to remember every single moment and feeling of your wedding. Smiles and tears, hugs and dances. The photos you receive will not have precedents in the style of any of the wedding photographers in Italy.

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There will be pessimists who believe the opposite, nothing to replicate. I surprised you so far, what will stop me now?

I’m designing a new visual concept about wedding photos with a more dynamic, avant-garde style.

In broad lines, 2015 will open with a bridal show,

  • March will attend a meeting with the world’s best wedding photographers at the Fearless Conference in Bucharest
  • in April a wedding photographer, who I really appreciate, will help me to better understand this kind of photography
  • I will write more about wedding photography and my experiences as a photographer.

As I have said so far, no prize or quote from any association of professional photographers is equal to the happiness I feel when I see you, married, happy to have chosen me as your photographer. Your joy is the prize I was expecting.

I close this reflection wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Greeting!

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