A woman imagines her wedding photos before she becomes a bride!

And yes … a woman imagines her wedding photos before she becomes a bride!

How many times have you not even thought, even being a child, at the big day? The day when you will say “YES” in front of the altar with all your heart. A day like any other for some unresponsive couples, couples who are generally not directly concerned and involved in this memorable event of our life. And if you ask me, I can only tell you – And yes … a woman imagines her wedding photos before she becomes a bride!

Well, dear ones, your wedding photos are different from bride to bride, each one identifying herself in one style or another – from an eccentric style that reflects a strong personality, involving a dress out of patterns, a place that can stir up plenty controversies , speechless decorations, up to the well-defined romantic style that gives us strong emotions, the purity of the eternal moment.

Every bride is unique in her style, grace, elegance. For everything to be a dream come true, my advice is to appeal to professional services, whether it’s your makeup, the team that organizes the wedding or why not the production staff of your memories after the event (photos, video). I want to point out here that a professional team is not a fad, it is a need for your wedding! It transposes your entire emotional state on the small screen, every beat of your heart, managing to create a wonderful video, a real treasure for your souls.
The present of your wedding can become past. None of us wants this, and we want to keep alive the memory of the day that has widened our horizons to the future.

If you allow me to be subjective, I would say that I place great emphasis on the wedding photography and on professional shooting. I consider that’s all I can think of, from my event, from my husband`s event . Of course, everything else is of great importance and plays an essential role for the photography and for the shooting film to come out the right way. For example, a picture will never be perfect if the bride is not helped by a professional makeup, specially chosen frames, the right light and other details of this kind. For this reason, I am trying to explain to you why I have to invest in quality, not in quantity!

You dress as a bride once in your life – at least theoretically. Your husband should give great importance to this! For him it is very easy – a well-dressed suit, a pair of shoes, arranged, beautiful and ready, the wedding can start. Well, it’s not that simple for you – you prepare your dress at least 6 months before, you go to the tryouts and when it’s finally ready you notice it needs to be changed because your body weighed a few pounds or on the contrary and then everything has to be changed – I think here we talked about bad luck – plus the arrangement of your hair, you are undecided, you do not know how it would suit you best for such an event in your life; the shoes we want them comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The make-up too. The bride bouquet, the colors chosen for the restaurant … Elections … choices … choices for the bride.

And yes … a woman imagines her wedding photos before she becomes a bride!

All in all, everything is about PERFECTION and we try to reach it in different ways. That’s exactly what happens with the profitable approach of the helping assistants involved in your wedding. We need professionalism to highlight the intensity of the emotions we want to keep alive for years and years, and this is hardly the case for people who really know how to do their job and make it out of their hearts, people who are dedicated to those few hours, maybe even days, the time needed for a photo service being relatively, varying from a few hours to a few days, depending on the customer’s requirements and on the availability of the offeror.

I hope I’ve been helpful with this article and I hope I succeeded at least to give you confidence in the professionals who are a necessity for your wedding, not a fad al all. And do not forget, future bride – smile with all your soul, you have people ready next to you that will fulfill your much desired dream!


And yes … a woman imagines her wedding photos before she becomes a bride!

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