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There is an untouched piece of paradise hidden along a five-mile stretch, the intact rocky coastline along the western coast of Italy that few people know.

In this hidden oasis, which can only be reached by sea or train, there are five small medieval villages, tearful of time and set precariously on the terraced slopes of a mountain flowing deep in the Mediterranean Sea. Collectively, these five picturesque and colorful villages are known as the Cinque Terre. You will find Manarola following the well-known pathway around the world like the Path of the Innamorati and when you do it you will discover a charming village from another era and more romantic.

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Dream with me

Like the crystal clear blue sea, like the rock with its deep silence, so too, hand in hand, with swollen hearts and the safe step, we are what we only want when we are together in harmony.

Like the wind that shakes the sea and caresses my hair, in the same way as the sun that keeps us alive, but it can also burn. We should learn from them, be like them.

Do not be afraid, dream with me.

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