Who is the best wedding photographer?

Dear folks, the wedding service offered by a professional wedding photographer is not a product that you can take from a store shelf. Still, we are going on the principle, I found it cheaper. I put it in the basket, and I`m ready to go home. I’m sure that not the budget will lead people to choose the cheapest service. Regarding the question: Who is the best wedding photographer I will answer a question. Which is the best customer who appealed to these services?

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In order not to create confusion between the offeror and the client, I will argue why this question does not have a meaningful answer. As in any market segment, the wedding photography from Italy is divided into 3 categories: professional photographers that are in a maximum number of 60, average photographers that are in a maximum number of 100 and, the last category, amateur photographers that are over 2000. These categories are also applicable for wedding videographers.

The photographers that are in a maximum number of 60. This category of professionals is usually made up of offerors which had been able to easily adapt to the changes that the wedding photography has passed. These are “artists” people who have come to spectacular achievements out of passion. Their fees are very low for their results and performance.

The photographers that are in a maximum number of 100. This category is made up of people who have once excelled in this area, and of people who are limited in informational investment. In order to find yourself among the professionals, you need a sacrifice. From my point of view, this category, as well as that of amateur photographers, does not have a brilliant future, as we live in a world of speed, of rapid development.

The photographers that are in a number of over 2000. Unfortunately, this category of amateurs is the category that tags the wedding photo segment. It is normal … The crowd will always be an important opinion maker. Let`s suppose that we live in Como town in the province of Como, where life is very tough. Shooting a wedding in that area is a luxury that people can not afford. Or, in order to get a very low price, appeal to amateur photographers.
It remains to be concluded that each offeror is the best in the eyes of some clients. The performance will never leave an intersection between these categories. Personally, I respect all these photographers because, no matter the reason for which they provide these services, they want to do something, they wanna have an occupation. The respect for the so-called competition must never disappear.

You will get on the top when you will understand the fact that from the success equation you should not miss: the respect for the fellows` artists and understanding for clients. So, at the question: Who is the best wedding photographer? there is no solid answer.

I hope that by writing this article I will put a beautiful brick in supporting the wedding photography in Italy and make people stop throwing stones at those who are at the beginning of the journey. We all have to contribute to a better photo!

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