Black and white photos – the concept of symbolism

Black and white photos – the concept of symbolism

I have always liked the black and white moments! It expresses everything clear but still so vague!

Truth-lie, past-reality, happiness-pain; an amalgam of thoughts and subjective inner states for each of us.

The black and white photo and filming are unique! Elegant! Pure! Your retina is much more careful about the mimic, the transmitted message, the emotions – contrary to the times when the colors distract you from the ESENTIAL.

Recalling the black-and-white photo, these films are deliberately photographed with devices set on negative , the intention being generally expressive. The lack of color can be a visual allusion to a gloomy atmosphere, to a particular message – social, even political – but at the same time it can be an exceptional means of obtaining imagines with a pronounced artistic character precisely by carefully measuring the clear – obscure effects. In the history of photography, we find the tendency to introduce in this type of photos a color spot even for a few seconds, a colorful compositional element – an object, a character-process with a great symbolism.

The black and white photo – the movie of our entire life. A realistic look, a communication with our ego; The black and white photographs or the film of our memories, happiness and of our less pleasant moments, of all the travelers on this road that has always belonged to us, and not so often we knew what to do; and we touched the gray, where the color spot was too hard to be seen for an ordinary eye, not at all formed for the art of beauty … but here we have it! And the color has spread all over the pictures from far and wide, in our photos, which we review gladly, getting everything around and hardly finding people to support the idea of a white-black scenario – the superficial ones…

I always liked the word game, I always liked that spot of color made by myself, I liked to create it after my negative and this is, in my view, the ESSENTIAL!

The black and white photos -the concept of simbolism


I recommend you to look at two black and white photos, the same: color – non-color. You will be amazed! Create your own black and white photo – live memory for eternity!

So, I tend to think it is much more exhausting for a photographer to transpose your emotions into colorless photos, without helpful elements which whether you like it or not distract your attention . Shadows, contrast, obscurity and clarity- that’s what it is about -are at the limit and at the artist’s will. The extremes meet and just talent, professionalism and patience turns everything in photos that reflect your personality! The article “black and white photos – the concept of symbolism” is part of the category “Good to Know”.

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