How Matrimonio.com takes advantage of the spouses and photographers

The whole truth on matrimonio.com Those who are looking for a wedding photographer usually rely on matrimonio.com . Before continuing I would like to tell you about my experience as a photographer on matrimonio.com, and tell you what my opinion is. For several years I have advertised my services on Google, starting from a simple […]

Your wedding photo shoot: tricks to maximize the result

Your wedding day is unique and the photographic services cannot be repeated: therefore the first is good! With this you don’t want to worry, but simply give suggestions so that your photo shoot, which will remain one of the most tangible memories of this moment, is an excellent result! × Are you looking for a […]

I am looking for a wedding photographer: the illusion of Prontopro.it

The wedding day is a unique moment in life. Immortalizing it with a photo shoot is a great idea, to be able to stop an important event and that you can relive with memory at a later time, calmly, perhaps nestled on your sofa. For this reason, the choice of the photographer for your big […]

The wedding album: photo book or classic version?

One of the questions that arises today is, if following the photo shoot, it is better to create a classic album with lots of sheets of tissue paper that separate and protect the printed photos, as has always been done, or if it is better to create a much more modern photo book. It all […]

The questions to ask for your wedding photo shoot

You have come to the choice of the photographer for your photo shoot. Create a list of questions that you can ask to get a clear idea of what will happen. To facilitate you, here are some question suggestions that can be useful. 1. What is the style adopted by the photographer? Each photographer has […]

How to have a perfect photo shoot for your wedding

You have to organize the photo shoot for your wedding day: there are many things to know. Here is a quick starting point and tips, which will be useful to you. The first advice is to entrust professionals specialized in this sector, excluding “fake photographers” or photography specialists in other areas. Once you’ve done this […]

4 things that wedding photographer should have written in the contract

You found the “chosen one”, you got married and started planning your wedding and you did your “job” by meeting several photographers. Now you’ve found “your chosen one”, you agree that it’s the perfect choice to photograph your wedding. Congratulations! Before signing that dotted line, Cristi Sebastian wishes to give you advices about the essential […]

Music and your wedding photo

Your wedding music and photography – two basic elements that create the atmosphere at the event of your life. Why? Because the sound correlates with the atmosphere at the wedding and the professional photos of your wedding interweave. We often hear how people worry about choosing the band which will be held the guests on […]

Why the wedding photos made by a photographer in Italy cost so much?

And yet, with limited possibilities when it comes to investing in organizing your wedding. However, why does the wedding photography made by a known photographer in Italy cost so much? Capacity A prestigious photographer is investing in his equipment. Just think that in order everything to be profi, he needs high-class devices, the camera being […]