Professional HD photo with a professional photo camera cheaper than an iPhone

Did you thought that you would get a professional HD photo with a photo camera cheaper than a cell phone? Yes, Canon has taken care to revolutionize the professional photography segment. The wonder is named Canon EOS 550D! It’s cheaper than a high tech cell phone. Many wedding photographers use it for the wedding photography. […]

The ideal customer. Are you making these fatal mistakes?

Your means of socializing are a “strategy” like wrinkling wet napkins and throwing them on a wall to see if they stick? I did that too … But if you know on who you need to focus on – ideal customers – and why you “hunt” them – in order to build the business you […]

Discretely in photographing the wedding

What does it mean to be discreet in photographing the wedding? Well, this question can easily be compared to … What it means to photograph a wedding with two cameras. Discretion in wedding photographing is a major factor in the final result. I meet with people who tell me: I know a wedding photographer in […]

I’m new in wedding photography. How can I contract my first client?

Together with the team, we had several years full of events. We started from two passionate photographers and a dog and we came to a team of 5 photographers, 2 videographers, and various collaborators. From a partnership in two to reach a team of 10. From passion to professionalism. Surely I learned a lot! As […]

Find out under what conditions we do not edit the wedding photos!

Because there are many clients requesting us to edit the wedding photos, I will argue in this article under what conditions we do not realize the wedding editing. Editing the wedding represents the modeling of the concept from the shooting day. I realized that many people have the impression that by editing you succeed to […]

Do you want to increase your packet costs? It’s easier than you think

There is a common reason for which the customers will not reserve an event, yet I think that most of you don`t realize why is that. Certainly, if you ask a customer who has not hired you at their event why they didn`t, they will definitely say that they have found someone else or that […]

How easily can you deceive a wedding photographer?

Perhaps no one expected to write about the subject: customers’ scams and wedding photography. Yes, it is practiced …. and it’s practice a lot. You’re a good guy, you are stupid. The conclusion? Well, turn yourself into a bad guy. Yes, easy to say but hard to achieve. A man’s goodness and finesse reflect his […]

How to discover the ideal grooms in 5 steps

Everybody talks about this thing online. How to discover the ideal grooms, the perfect bride, the clients you desire. It is very important to have grooms that understand you, that are connected with you. In fact, finding your ideal customer is crucial to the business you love and manage. There is no promising news in […]

How dangerous are the band`s lights and lasers for the photographic equipment?

It was necessary to burn 2 DSLR camera` sensors to make people understand how dangerous laser lights are during an event. It’s right, the sensor’s vulnerability is much higher in the filming mode than in the shooting mode. The lens properties in shooting with DSLR are better than shooting with a camera. The DSLR, namely […]


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