Why should you be careful if a photographer displays prices on the site?

Weddings photographers` prices inexistent. We live in Italy. Here any wedding photographer can become a great artist overnight. Here, the grooms can pay ten times more than the value of the wedding photo. A message from the offerers: For the price offer, please contact us at the phone number or through the contact form.

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I was surprised to see that 95% of the luxury offerers from the wedding segment do not have prices posted on the site. But, people look for wedding photographer` prices and Google displays non-existent wedding photographer prices. I have an idea, let`s start from today to look for non-existent weddings photographer prices, maybe in this way, we will find weddings photographer prices. And yet, why do the offerers keep the prices hidden? Are the prices too high? or too low? or the competitors must not see these prices? or exists the photographer of the alternative wedding negotiable prices? Looks like we’re dealing with an amalgam of reasons. Why can the offerers not have a page like weddings photographer prices? I’m sorry for the fact that the search engines do not have the power or have not found yet the solution to filter and find useful and relevant information for clients.

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