Discretely in photographing the wedding

What does it mean to be discreet in photographing the wedding? Well, this question can easily be compared to … What it means to photograph a wedding with two cameras. Discretion in wedding photographing is a major factor in the final result. I meet with people who tell me: I know a wedding photographer in […]

Do you want to increase your packet costs? It’s easier than you think

There is a common reason for which the customers will not reserve an event, yet I think that most of you don`t realize why is that. Certainly, if you ask a customer who has not hired you at their event why they didn`t, they will definitely say that they have found someone else or that […]

How dangerous are the band`s lights and lasers for the photographic equipment?

It was necessary to burn 2 DSLR camera` sensors to make people understand how dangerous laser lights are during an event. It’s right, the sensor’s vulnerability is much higher in the filming mode than in the shooting mode. The lens properties in shooting with DSLR are better than shooting with a camera. The DSLR, namely […]

Why do you have to work with a professional wedding photographer?

Just as I chosed the question: why do you need a pro wedding photographer? so I will choose the answer … Because a pro wedding photographer will reproduce your memories in the most pleasant way. The story of a man means his memory. Why does a man need a story? In order not to enter […]

Hunting customers in wedding photography

We all ask ourselves what a wedding photographer should do to contract as many customers as possible. The customers` hunting in the wedding photography segment is tough and unfair. I chosed that in this article to talk about the photography segment because the competition is much higher than in the field of wedding videography. Aquiring […]

Who is the best wedding photographer?

Dear folks, the wedding service offered by a professional wedding photographer is not a product that you can take from a store shelf. Still, we are going on the principle, I found it cheaper. I put it in the basket, and I`m ready to go home. I’m sure that not the budget will lead people […]

What should you avoid at your wedding photo – video session?

What should you avoid at your wedding photo- video session? We all want the most spectacular pictures of our wedding day. We are tempted to appeal at the wedding auxiliary sessions. But do you know what is to be avoided at your wedding photo shoot? In this article, I decided to share useful information about […]


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