Preview from the wedding of S & F

I told you in a past post that I had a lot of fun at this wedding. Now comes the proof. I often hear that the photographers had fun at that wedding and there are so many things that people enjoy a lot. × Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Italy? We can […]

Wedding hairstyles trends 2016 | Piacenza

If you invest time and money in your wedding dress, make sure you have the best hair salon that makes your wedding hairstyle enviable. If you are the bride then all the details that make up your dress must be perfect. You’re lucky if you already have a stylist who has to do with her […]

I regret not to hire a professional photographer for my wedding

I have highlighted a lot of articles with tips and advice on my blog when it comes to looking for your perfect wedding photographer, I also put my portfolio on display with a lot of real marriages photographed over time but today I have the story told by a friend of mine who did not […]

Sweets and sweets … Wedding cake

Best sweets and pastries specially prepared for weddings are difficult to find. These little handicraft pastries are my weakness. In a wedding season, I was able to gain weight by 4 kg only for the blame of sweets. Those cursed :). Catering offers a lot of products that are more or less delicious, sophisticated and […]

Venice Wedding and the wedding photographer

Wedding photography in Venice, moments sculpted through time, in a fascinating landscape, halfway between the sea, the earth, and the sky. Getting married in Venice can easily transform from wish to reality, a reality which deserves a Venice wedding photographer truly wonderful. × Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Italy? We can help […]

Dream wedding in Italy

Have you already chosen the wedding dress, the location for the wedding, you have decided the colors for the flowers and the colors you want to bring around your wedding day? You will find out why everything is perfect, you can not leave anything unforeseen, not even the meteorological conditions! You will have to predict […]

Best of Italian Wedding Location

Italian wedding locations are one of the most beautiful and mystical places where a couple could say their vows. Whether it is Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Venice, Naples, Florence, Rome, none is beneath when it comes to choosing wedding location in Italy. It’s just a matter of taste for Italian Wedding Location. × Are you looking […]

Wedding peek : George & Anca

  They say that time on the wedding day reflects the soul of the people who marry that day. Well, all week before this wedding was raining, and ironically the weather forecast did not promise much for the weekend either. Yet somewhat Saturday clouds vanished and the sun shone as God would shine them all […]

Wedding traditions in Romania : The Fox (Vulpea)

This custom is usually held in the north east of Romania. “The Jar” (vadra) or “fox” (vulpea) is held if the groom is from another village/city than the bride. When the groom comes to meet up with the bride, the bride’s lads stops him by linking up with chains the gate and making barricades, demanding […]

Black and White wedding photos

A challenge for the grooms: a wedding photographed in black and white, from start to finish. Black and white photos are my weakness. The excitement that a photo with the 9 shades of gray is sending, for me is invaluable. × Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Italy? We can help you! Ask […]