Communication of the couple with the artist photographer

Communication of the couple with the artist photographer
I started by presenting a teaser that perfectly captures the communication between the bride and the photographer. In my view, the perfect combination of these elements represents the success of the professional wedding photographs both compositionally and in terms of the message transmitted to the viewer.

Our artist is often in a position to “squeeze” a smile, to get the best out of the photo material. Dear ones, be natural! It’s your day, your event, your wedding! We need smiles, gestures, happy eyes! Is very difficult to edit wedding photos when you have no choice, regardless of the shooting hours. Good collaboration means communication, in all its meanings. Especially when the interest is yours, it seems normal for me to give all the best out of you at such an event … I can not imagine how you could live the moment otherwise than happy, fulfilled, with sincere smiles and open hearts.

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I appreciate very much the unobtrusive couples, their naturalness and the interest they give to help the photographer in making the video material. Out of these, you are the only ones that get the benefit, these are your wedding photos; the photographer just does his job.

Here is one of the best photo materials that consist of a photo session in Monte Carlo, a love story that was designed on the wedding night. It is a technically well-done photo production amplified by its script, and the communication between the technical staff and the grooms was an extraordinary one, and we thank you for the wonderful experience that opens our new horizons in the field of photography.

I really like Cristi Sebastian’s response to this film description – „ It can be photographed, it can be edited, can be transmitted … and last but not least: it can be ” realized”.
The grooms` communication with the artist photographer
So, a good communication can produce photo materials with a special emotional load, a special message for the viewer, a huge joy and a beneficial experience for each of us!

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