Cristi Sebastian Studio

We are Sebastian and Cristina and together with fellow photographers we form Cristi Sebastian STUDIO. We have been participating in numerous beautiful events for over 8 years. We too were protagonists, on our wedding day, and then together with our children, in the days of their baptism. On those occasions we experienced emotions that we never imagined and we realized that, as much as we would like to stop time in these special moments, we cannot … only through amazing images, impressive photos and well-made frames so we can relive a part of the past.

We don’t want to steal your time with the details of our work, a picture speaks more than we can put it into words. This does not remove the invitation to meet even virtually (WhatsApp) and talk over a cup of tea or coffee, to offer advice and share our experience with you, planning one of the most beautiful and exciting days of your life.

Until our meeting, do not stop dreaming of that pair of vintage shoes or that extravagant dress, the wonderful place and, above all, your special day.

Dare to experience the event in its breadth!

With love, the Cristi Sebastian TEAM!

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