Criteria of how to choose your wedding photographer in Italy

This topic has been dealt with by many acquaintances in this area, but my aim is to simplify the criteria for choosing a wedding photographer. There are several offers, from amateur photographers to professional ones, and many things can make you choose wrong. Unfortunately, you can not afford this because you can not repeat it several times. Find out which are the most important criteria for choosing a good photographer for your wedding.

Criteria in choosing a wedding photographer

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The main criteria for choosing the wedding photographer are: It is important to pay attention to these details because the photographs will have you for a lifetime. To begin with, you’ll need to look at the photographer’s references, analyze your first impression of his photographs, how to present a group photo, see if all the guests are well and finally make a decision:

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Secondly, you have to pay attention to every single detail. Ask the photographer for the price list for each package of services he has available (what the offer contains and what discounts you can get). The discount can only be applied if your project is very large. The detail you usually do not find in the price list is the transport and accommodation of the photographer or the status of the photographs received, sometimes torn down in a bad way. Other important details are the hours that the photographer will have to spend on marriage, including any changes or delays. All these details must be written in the contract. These are just a set of tips and criteria for choosing a wedding photographer. Ask him to show you his portfolio and the best works of his career so you can see his artistic ability. Carefully examine the quality and clarity of his photos. You must also take into account the unforeseen events that may take place on the day of the ceremony, the fact that weather conditions may not be favorable and that this an issue has to be resolved with a plan B.

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As we know or how we are used to thinking, photography is usually taken in the open air, in the sunlight on the day of the wedding. Although the trash the dress session can be postponed to another day, this solution is not the best because it is usually preferred that all the invitees participate in the shot; the best thing is to find an alternative to making good photographs even at night. Ask the photographer if he has any solutions to these cases, if he has a mobile study or if he can recreate light and decorations in a room.

Other criteria in choosing a wedding photographer

Other criteria for choosing a wedding photographer are estimates. Ask for an exact maximum price and make sure it contains all the fees for the optional options, but above all VAT included. It is also necessary to take care of the date of delivery of the photos and mention this in the contract. Choose the photographer that will look more flexible from the point of view of style, and choose the one that will present you in a professional manner. Spend some time talking to him about your wedding, to convince yourself that he is a kind person with whom you can work for the whole day. An artist in photography will offer you images that speak alone and transmit the thrill of the most beautiful feeling: Love. So pay close attention to these details, also taking into account the above-mentioned tips.

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