Destination Wedding Amalfi | Getting married in Italy

Destination Wedding Amalfi

Wedding celebrations in Almafi, Salerno Highlights: Picturesque villages, dizzying panoramas and mountain terraces Fantastic meals, sugary foods and limoncello Breathtaking sea and coast scenic views.

Picturesque coastal villages, dizzying panoramic views and mountain serpentines, terraces of lemon trees, storybook villas and exotic gardens, colorful beaches and turquoise blue seawater – these are just some of the reasons why the Amalfi coast in southern Italy is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful locations for a destination wedding Italy.

Destination Wedding Amalfi | Getting married in Italy

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The most popular town where destinations weddings are made are Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, with each harboring wonderful treasures. Even a visit to a beach on the Amalfi coast can turn into a special experience. About 100 beaches are hidden among the cliffs making your destination wedding in Italy really private if you want these. The easiest way to travel from Rome to Naples by train, then from Naples or Sorrento to Amalfi. One can take a ferry to the islands of Positano, Capri, and Ischia and unhurriedly enjoy beautiful coastal views of vertically constructed mountain villages from the sea which are perfect for a second-day photo shooting alone with the grooms. Just a walk to relax is what you need on the second day. If you want to travel by car, which is what I recommend, then you can hire one straight from the airport in Rome and head to Amalfi. It takes about four hours to drive the 300 kilometers. The region’s narrow, winding roads can be a test for even the most experienced driver, but the drive is worth it.

Should I do my destination wedding in Italy on the Amalfi coast?

Destination Wedding Amalfi
The answer is: OF COURSE! Captivating scenery opens up around every bend, and every so often the desire to stop and take a photo of you to grooms with the view of the road will prove to be irresistible. One of the most characteristic products from the Amalfi coast is limoncello lemon liqueur, which, according to Italian tradition, should be savored ice cold after dinner. The best time to make a destination wedding Amalfi coast is before or after the blistering hot tourist season – from early April to June and from September until early October, when you can still have a destination wedding in the warmth of Italy and still swim and sunbathe.

Amalfi – a Mediterranean treasure for destination wedding in Italy

amalfi destiantion wedding photographer-16 Destination Wedding Amalfi | Getting married in Italy
This wonderful little town lies at the heart of the Amalfi coast. It boasts a wealthy heritage of history, architecture, and tradition. Amalfi, the oldest of Italy’s four maritime republics – along with, also best for wedding destinations in Italy, Venice, Genoa, and Pisa. If you wish you can make your vows at the imposing Sant Andrea Cathedral with its Arabian elements.

And if you decide to do your destination wedding in Italy at 31st of August you should know that the tradition is the celebration of New Year’s Eve in accordance with the Byzantine calendar. This is one of many reasons to plan your Destination Wedding Amalfi. You can read more about the other surrounding islands: Positano (a dolce vita resort), Ravello (an oasis of music and gardens), Capri (island of dreams) later on.

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