Destination Wedding Positano Ravello & Capri | Getting married in Italy


Upon entering Positano, a beautiful view presents itself. Colorful buildings in fine pastel tones of yellow, pink, terracotta, peach and white have been built vertically into the cliffs of the mountain town, giving this unique place a surreal and theatrical aura. The once quiet fishing village of Positano became a popular destination for weddings in the mid-1950s, competing with the Isle of Capri for affluent couples, and the dolce vita lifestyle if that time can still be felt there.

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Positano is a popular destination for honeymooning newlyweds as well as for poets, artists, photographers, and writers. It is easy to fall in love with the place from the first visit and you will feel that you made the right decision to do your destination wedding Positano in Italy. The next day after the wedding, the couples can spend their day on the beach which was renowned as an elegant resort town.


As one of the most wonderful little towns in the area, Ravello has long been frequented by couples and travelers. Once you reach the top of a hill, a quiet, pocket-sized paradise with 2500 permanent residents appears before you. There are no traffic jams and no noise typical of a city which is just perfect if you plan to do your destination wedding Ravello in Italy. Ravello is well-known by lovers of classical festivals held at the Belvedere di Villa Rufolo. Imagine having your vows in a flowering garden of the Villa Rufolo and then the reception at Belvedere di Villa Rufolo under a clear sky with the mountains the sea and the sunset in the background.

About the perfect location for a destination wedding in Ravello, Villa Rufolo is a residence from the 11th century with a Gothic tower at the entrance and a splendid garden. This very garden inspired Giovanni Boccaccio to write DECAMERON, a classical prose masterpiece. An alternative for this villa is a true treasure if Ravello from the 12th century Villa Cimbrone, one of the most prestigious luxury hotels on the Amalfi coast dedicated for a fancy destination wedding in Ravello. Its exotic botanical garden was designed by architect Baron Grimthrope, who is also known as the designer of London’s Big Ben tower. From the villa, walk through a shady avenue of cypress trees to the Terrazzo dell’Infinito and its 18th-century marble sculptures. A breath-taking panoramic view of the Salerno coast will discover the couples that chose to do their destination wedding in Ravello. This moment should be captured by a professional wedding photographer that serves couples which do their destination wedding in Italy.


Dizzying aromas, brilliant flowers, quiet charm and a captivating natural environment are only a small part of the magic of this island. The newlyweds can discover the magic of Capri as Caesar Augustus did in 29BC. The island became famous as a refuge and meeting place for artists, philosophers, and aristocrats. The best place to get married here is the Alfred Krupp residence. From here an unforgettable view of the Faraglioni Rocks – a group of lonely cliffs out in the sea.

Capri is also popular for stars and fashion designers. Well, known Dolce & Gabbana chose Capri for a high fashion evening gown parade, inviting only 250 guests to the fashion show. If you decide to do your destination wedding in Capri I can tell you that you can imagine the reception strutted past the red drapes, candelabras, and sofas of the open-air setting by the cliffs, with the sea and the sunset in the background.

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