How to discover the ideal grooms in 5 steps

Everybody talks about this thing online. How to discover the ideal grooms, the perfect bride, the clients you desire. It is very important to have grooms that understand you, that are connected with you.
In fact, finding your ideal customer is crucial to the business you love and manage.
There is no promising news in finding the perfect grooms as clients because it requires a very complicated process with thorough studies. I can not cover such a vast field in a single post. The most important tasks in your field are those which are not easy.
That’s why I decided to write How to Discover the Ideal Grooms in 5 Steps, a simple system that will help you find and contract the clients you want.
You can learn all about this lesson a little below – and guess what? I’ll post the second version in a few weeks!
I am CONSTANTLY asked by other wedding photographers:
Sebastian, how can I find out who are the ideal grooms?

So in order to help I have made 5 steps to guide you in the good direction of discovering the ideal groom. If you will follow these steps without deviating, you will be one step ahead of the others.

Step 1 Write down all the old grooms that you have preferred.
Write on a sheet 3 to 5 grooms that you liked and remembered without much effort. If there are more than 5 it`s better! Note those too – the more cases the better.
By the way, if you are at the beginning and you have not had many grooms in the past, writing friends, relatives or acquaintances that you would like to photograph if you would have the opportunity.

Step 2 What kind were they?
In front of the grooms, write one of these letters P, C and R based on the criterion below. You can write several letters if necessary:

(P) = Were they profitable? Write P in front of the grooms if they were profitable for you. I’m not referring to the fact that they paid the most. I mean if they contracted you without trying to negotiate. They liked you so much that they were not interested anymore in the package price.
(C) – Were you connected with the grooms? Write in front of those grooms with which you were connected as if you had known them for eternity. Did they inspire you as an artist? Did you enjoy every moment of their wedding?
(R) – Did they recommend you? Did these grooms told their friends about you or do they join a group that you would like to be part of? Write R if the answer is YES.

Step # 3 Concentrate on the Most Important
Look at the list and see who the bride and groom have 2 or more letters next to the name. These are the ones that are really perfect for you.
These are the ones that are not only profitable for the portfolio but also for your business and you have to take into account their features when you study the market.

Step 4 Focus only on the most important ones.
Look at the list and see who are the grooms who have 2 or more letters next to their name. These are the ones that are really perfect for you.
These are the ones that are not only profitable for the portfolio but also for your business and you need to take into account their characteristics when you study the market.
Step 5 Start with the beginning, with the surface. What do they like, what interests they have, hobbies …

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The next step is to ask yourself some questions about these grooms so you can better understand their personality and habits. I will give you some questions through which you can make an idea about the grooms:

1 What do they like to do in their spare time?
2 What style do they have? What kind of clothes do they wear?
3 Which are their general interests? What dishes do they like? Do they prefer wine or beer? Are they passionate about video games? Do they like traveling or just getting around the house? Do they like cars, boats or motorcycles?
4 In what field do they work? Are they lawyers? Doctors? Teachers? Artists? And so on.
5 Where did they grow up? Do they have good relationships with the loved ones, family?
Once these are noted, 1 encircles the common things between you and your favorite couples, 2 marks with a star the things you like about them and 3 emphasize the things that you also enjoy and live in your life.

Step 6: Go further with these values
The last step is the hardest and it will take you the most to accomplish, but IT IS ALSO THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Do not jump this step!
You can not just stop at the surface of these characteristics of the ideal grooms because it is just the top of the iceberg. Things need to be deepened. What you really need to do is to understand WHY the favorite grooms love to do what they do.
You must remember that they are VALUE
Here’s the secret for the ideal grooms that most people do not understand:
The reason you love certain clients/grooms in most of the cases is not that you have the same car or shop at the same store.
The reason you like certain grooms and not all of them is the fact that you share the same VALUES with those grooms.
You both agree on a vision, on the fact that the same things have the same value for you.
When you will understand WHY is so important what you wrote under the column WHAT, then you will book a lot of dates in the calendar with events from the ideal grooms.
Look at the grooms from your list that you have circled, marked with a star and/or underlined at step 4 (pay attention to those with more sings) and write down on another page on two columns WHAT and on another column WHY.
See if you can identify the grooms: WHY they do what they do. It will be easier for you to start with the people you have underlined because you would like the same things to happen in your life.
The good news is that by going through these 5 steps you will be able to find out who are the truly ideal grooms!

But as I mentioned earlier, there are so many things to be highlighted by going through this process. Such as demography, value systems, influences, social status.
As we mentioned at the beginning, the second part will have a different concept based on sales, marketing, and selection. In the second chapter, you will learn how to separate yourself from others, in my concept, how to organize the future and sales strategy and how to sign the contract with the ideal grooms on the spot.

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