Discretely in photographing the wedding

What does it mean to be discreet in photographing the wedding? Well, this question can easily be compared to … What it means to photograph a wedding with two cameras. Discretion in wedding photographing is a major factor in the final result. I

meet with people who tell me: I know a wedding photographer in Pavia who works very well, works enormously at an event, is only standing and always takes pictures of whatever you do … the man it’s super professional!

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Is that a correct remark? Is this the way in which the wedding photography should be evaluated? I say it`s not the right way. Now I will argue my answer. First of all, the offerer’s effort should not be made visible. I will not get close to you with the camera to show that I work hard and I sweat. It sounds like … tacky. Secondly, in case you do not know, the lenses deform a lot. If I get to close to the photographed person, this person will be horribly deformed. Usually, at TV wide lenses are used, those that deform the most. But there’s another paste. In other words, I do not agree with the people who say about a wedding photographer that he is profit simply because he does not keep the distance. Keeping distance between the subject and wedding photographer, are the most important points in the correct shooting of a wedding.
Discretely in photographing the wedding.
To better understand the phenomenon of photographing the wedding I recommend an interesting article about the professional wedding photographer. The wedding photographer is rated according to his results. Discretion at an event is gained over time. Discretion at an event means Finesse and Professionalism. At least, I believe that …

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