How easily can you deceive a wedding photographer?

Perhaps no one expected to write about the subject: customers’ scams and wedding photography. Yes, it is practiced …. and it’s practice a lot. You’re a good guy, you are stupid. The conclusion? Well, turn yourself into a bad guy. Yes, easy to say but hard to achieve. A man’s goodness and finesse reflect his education. So the variation of transformation fails. I have been put a few times in the situation of regretting my profession. How easy an offerer can be deceived and to what risks you expose yourself when choosing this solution.

Except for the cases of force majeure, I want to tell you that fragile experience can seriously damage your image. In order to better exemplify the methods by which a client can trick you, I will make an analysis of the possible situations. Now, you’re probably wondering who’s the crazy one who does not want his wedding photos anymore. The situations below can be found in the profession of a wedding videographer.

Scams of customers and the wedding photo.

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Invoking technical discontents is a common method in the relation client-photographer-wedding cameraman. In a proportion of 90%, the customer complaints are based on illogical and unfounded criteria in terms of the requirements stated in the contract. A small example: You did not photograph the statue that was at the entrance of the local. There is also a 10% category of customer that is perfectly right. Usually, these divergences occur when the offeror is in the category: amateur wedding photographer.

From the category: customers’ scams and wedding photography are also those people who appeal to pro services, only for the image. Their thinking is simple. They want to display an image they can not afford.

The advance is not great … The risk is huge! These customers prefer to invent reasons of dissatisfaction that you would never have expected. Here are some examples: Now we cannot take pictures of the wedding because we’re leaving for the honeymoon, but our uncle will call you and he’ll pay for it all. Do you think that anyone will call you? Or, the most common replica is: We went after the wedding on minus and now we have no way to pay for these services. We’ll call you when we get the money. It passes a month, passes two, and so on. And on their photos, the ravages of time leave marks in a dark drawer. It is painful that this category of clients cannot spoil their image in front of their friends. Do you have any idea what they tell their friends? I’ll tell you: Well, those photographers who photographed my wedding did not give me the pictures either today. They are unserious. It is a shame that people who choose to be honest, who have made sacrifices to reach a level … have the most to suffer.

The ugliest phase in the category: customers’ scams and wedding photography – is when the customer calls you 3 days before the wedding and tells you that he has found someone cheaper or that the wedding will no longer take place. Wow … now you will say: Let it go, it`s ok, you remained with the payment in advance. Yes, nothing wrong with this thinking. But a professional wedding photographer can contract up to 6 events over a month. And now you will say, And what, 5 weddings are not enough? You can inquire how much a wedding photographer earns. Only through very expensive promotion, you can get to shoot 5 events over a month. You have to think that there are the days of fasting and many dead months in which there are no weddings. We’re already entering another segment and it’s not good. We limit ourselves to the subject of this post: Clients` scams and wedding photography.

Honestly, I feel very sorry for all the correct offerors who encounter or who have encountered these problems. We need to pay more attention to signing a contract! Because it happened to me, I am very careful now. I prefer not to complicate my evolution. I prefer to be at home to document myself about the wedding photo. The information in this article represents the vision of a wedding photographer about the clients’ scams and wedding photography.

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