Find out under what conditions we do not edit the wedding photos!

Because there are many clients requesting us to edit the wedding photos, I will argue in this article under what conditions we do not realize the wedding editing. Editing the wedding represents the modeling of the concept from the shooting day. I realized that many people have the impression that by editing you succeed to give another image to the wedding photos.

I’m sorry, but I will disappoint you. A photographer is not God. For his results, he needs a lot of resources. But, under what conditions we do not realize the wedding editing? If the photos are made by another offerer, I will never engage myself in editing. I’ll explain why I will not edit the wedding photos taken by another photographer.
Under what conditions we do not realize the wedding photos` editing.

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In order to realize a good editing, you need to know the people to whom this material is addressed. You need to know the shooting conditions on the wedding day. I will never make promises like: Let me make your editing and you will have a great material. Incorrect. I’m not a magician. But, who are the clients who appeal to these desperate variants? I will tell you. These are the people who have not been informed. These are clients disappointed by hired offerers. I do not want to be mischievous, but honestly, I’m glad they got into this situation. I do not want to be misunderstood! But in every article that I write, I urge them to be informed. If you were glad that you paid 600 Euros for a photo service … now you can give all the money in the world for a fair result. You will not get it!

I was shocked when I tried to find out what such a client thinks about editing the wedding. An incredible story follows: Well, you take the photos and edit them as you do those awesome photos. Omg. I asked him: How do you think it is to get to realize decent wedding photos? He answers: Well, you put it in there where you work and you do it. Oh, and I want you to put on also that sunlight effect, lens flare when it comes to the lens. I like it a lot. Of. God, what I did wrong ? I explained that the rules of the website do not allow me to edit photos realized by a competing photographer.

Was it normal to explain him under what conditions we do not realize the editing of the wedding photos? It was normal to tell him that the photographs made at his wedding by the hired offerer are not really ok. I am very curious if a wedding photographer is confronted with the issue of wedding photos` editing. I want you to understand that I am writing these articles for you! There are situations when I sacrifice my sleeping hours just to give you important information for your wedding. You should know that I am not passionate about writing. I even have a lot of grammatical mistakes. My intention is that through all the written articles, including the article: Under what conditions we do not realize the wedding photos` editing, to guide you to the right information.

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