Find out the difference between shooting with 1 or with 2 photo cameras at the wedding

I have come to write this post following a famous question: Which is the difference between shooting with 2 photographers and shooting with 1 photographer? I associate this question with: what you can do with two hands, respectively what you can do with one hand. The benefits of shooting a wedding with 2 photographers are clearly superior to shooting a wedding with 1 photo camera.

But what matters most? The qualitative photography standard is the result of teamwork. Wedding shooting by a team of photographers has the advantage of arguing the photographed scenes.

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Wedding Photography 1 photo camera:

Advantages (2)
• Low budget
• Post-processing time shorter

Disadvantages (5)
• Lack of information in live photography, settings and station points.
• Single-angle photography can take up to a dozen of photos. (I do not think it’s a good idea to watch one angle shot from one point and to take dozens of photos at a time.) When viewing wedding photos photographed with a single photo camera, the viewers start talking “unconsciously” about the photographed subject. Why?

Because you can not track a subject that has the same action for more than 30 seconds. Boredom leads to completing the filmed frame with the “narrations” of the viewers. Ex: “What a good looking groom was Giorgio. He is doing pretty well now.” If during this time there would be a supporting photography succession of cadres, you will not have time anymore for completions.

• You can not create a wedding photography in an artistic style.

• You can not take pictures from different angles, balcony, from the back, from the top.

• You can not shoot with a wide range of lenses. As you know, each lens has a unique role in a photographed setting. To properly reflect a state, a scene, you need solid arguments in choosing the station points, in choosing the settings, cadres, and lenses. Even in terms of time, you can not use more lenses. Ex: Photographing the Religious Wedding “You are in the church, the grooms put their wedding rings, you need a wide lens to capture the emotion … What are you doing? You can not sacrifice the time before this moment.”

• You can not take photos of different angles at the same time to capture the groom’s reaction at exactly the same time.

Wedding Photography 2 photographers:

Advantages (6)
• Photos and Synchronous mounting
• Completing and supporting the photographed scenes from the two cameras
• There is no lack of information in terms of photo
• You can take pictures from different corners of the church without missing an important moment
• An artistic concept can be realized
• A wide range of lenses can be used

Disadvantages (2)
• Average Budget
• Post production time higher

Wedding Photography 2 photographers vs. 1 photographer

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