Find out what discount the photohraphers offer for the wedding photographing on Sundays!

It’s good to know why we do not offer discounts for photographing the wedding on Sundays. Because I’m just the recipient of two emails asking for a Sunday price offer, I decided to talk about Sunday’s discount in this article. I’m sorry that the logic of a professional is not similar to a potential customer’s logic.

Everything is going from the price negotiation. People want to negotiate. Negotiate, I will let you. There are many segments where you can negotiate. The so-called ace in the client’s sleeve is actually a small and insignificant playing card. What did I mean by that? I wanted to say that the relevance of the discount demand is very small. There are very many offerers who practice discounts on Sundays. I do not want to bother anybody’s strategies, so I remain indifferent to everything that means Sunday’s discount. But to better exemplify this phenomenon I will give some examples, I say, quite important.

Discount for wedding photography on Sunday

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Suppose a soccer player has a match on a Saturday. Would you hire this player for the next day, that is Sunday? Oh … so we unveil the mystery of the big discounts on Sunday. I think that a professional wedding photographer must take responsibility for a good result even if the photos are taken on a Sunday. But how is this possible? With fewer hours of sleep … with a very relaxing Friday day … and with a lot of concentration, he will be able to complete the two events. To solicit a professional you have to motivate him … and clearly, motivation will not be through a discount request. The information from this article is the vision of a wedding photographer. If you want a discount for a wedding photography on a Sunday, you can stay calm, the segment of such offerers is full. All you need to know is that cristisebastian.com forbids price negotiation, especially on Sunday.

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