Find out how to properly budget your wedding photography and filming!

What do you do if your budget for your wedding photography does not allow you to purchase professional services? In the Italian market, the services of a professional wedding photographer start from around 700 Euros. For filming weddings in a cinematographic style, the minimum prices are around 1000 Euros. But what do we do if our budget is 800 euros? Clearly, we will not be able to afford these services.

I do not advise you to borrow money for the purchase of these services. The wedding in our days is ” scratch and win”, you do not know if you will end up with profit or not. I do not recommend you cheap services. I like to say that: We are too poor to buy cheap services, even if you purchase from a wedding photographer the smallest service. The skills of a professional are also valued by the resources of the service offered. A good example is “ wedding shooting with 2 cameras vs 1 camera”. The abilities of a professional wedding photographer may give different results. In choosing the offerors for the wedding photography the budget matters the most.

The budget for the wedding shooting and photography.

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How do we distribute 800 Euros?
The improper variant: Photographer 400 €, Videographer 400 €
The correct version: Photographer 800 €, Without Videographer | Without Photographer and Videographer 800 €

In order to support my point of view regarding the wedding photography budget, I will give you some arguments. No matter how pro is the photographer, in those 400 Euros, you can not get the promised land. In the best case, you will benefit from photographing the religious wedding. But, who will agree to block a Saturday’s working day for such a small work? In this way, we get to the conclusion that I better give extra cash, but I know it’s worth it. Regarding the services offered by a wedding photographer, I do not recommend buying the packages that offer wedding shooting with only 1 camera. Under the budget of € 400, you will not find anything qualitative from a photographic point of view. Regardless of a photographer’s name and experience, he is deprived of resources in front of a budget of 400 Euros.

I recommend you to watch the website of the wedding videographers si photographers which you would like to contact. It is possible they may post different price discounts, depending on the strategies of each promoter. It is good to be informed and very careful before purchasing these services. Think that after you purchase these services, it will be too late. And something else, it’s painful to give money to destroy your memories and your emotional experiences. The elixir of the human, are the memories. That’s why we want to keep them nice, and you have to be very careful at the budget allocated for your wedding photography and filming

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