Cristi Sebastian

Wedding Photographer in Italy

Hello, my name is Cristi Sebastian and I’m a wedding photographer offering wedding services for wedding photography and wedding videography in Italy.

The passion for the photography was born when I was 10 years old and received a camera as a gift. The experience I’ve accumulated over the years has made me understand what I can offer to my grooms.

The photos that I take represent, in my view, special ties between people. Being a unique moment for each of us, I like to offer beautiful and original work. I like to believe that people who seek the help of a photographer seek one who understands everyone’s needs and an artist who understands the groom’s needs is the most important relationship between the parties. In my portfolio, you can see the originality of my work.

We are the best team of pro wedding photographers.

I like to think of being the best in Italy. We have the most powerful resources in the field of wedding photography to create a competitive image and to offer our customers the best quality results. Since most potential customers do not know the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer, I will make a small description of it. To make the best choice, you have to follow some criteria.

The amateur wedding photographer is a special bidder offering you the required matrimonial needs. The difference between amateur and professional photographer is enormous, according to my point of view. The professional photographer is at the same time responsible and artistic creator of wedding photos. It is a professional capable of offering a picture in a very short frame of time without interfering in your moments. It captures moments when they happen, naturally. These are the most beautiful moments; photojournalism, as we say among us photographers. The amateur photographer is the one behind the relatively expensive camera that does not make the most of the camera’s potential and even the moments which are happening. It will be responsible for the framing and synchronization in that case the wedding should be photographed by the assistant. If you ask who of these is capable of creating a story through photography, I will tell you that the best is the professional one, for the narration of wedding in photojournalistic terms. Be careful! In Italy, there are many amateur photographers who are labeled professionals. The professionality of the photographer will be noticeable from the first meeting.

His site will always be made by professionals especially if we talk about the wedding photography segment.