How Matrimonio.com takes advantage of the spouses and photographers

The whole truth on matrimonio.com
Those who are looking for a wedding photographer usually rely on matrimonio.com . Before continuing I would like to tell you about my experience as a photographer on matrimonio.com, and tell you what my opinion is.

For several years I have advertised my services on Google, starting from a simple keyword as Piacenza wedding photographer . Starting from the idea that the spouses always look for and rely on what they find on the first page of Google. I must say that it worked. I found myself in the first three results of the first page of Google not only as a Piacenza wedding photographer but also as a wedding photographer on Como, Bologna and Reggio Emilia. So let’s say that I have gained some experience and more or less I know how the mechanism of .quaery works on Google.

My experience on matrimonio.com

And that’s why I would like to talk to you about matrimonio.com and share my experience. Meanwhile, the requests of the spouses. Probably those who are on the other side, or the spouses, think that the photographer who is asked for a quote can read their request in real time. It’s not really like this . Because matrimonio.com holds back the message for moderation. This, in practice, means that the photographer will read the message several hours later, with the obvious risk that, in the meantime, the spouses have already received other estimates and therefore your message will be totally useless.
Everyone also knows that preparing a quote means interrupting your business and dedicating yourself exclusively to that. It is not very satisfactory when, despite its timeliness, the answer you receive is “no thanks but I have already found another photographer”.

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And actually more than once I happened to be told that they had already found someone else’s quote. Strange indeed, also because the doubt that can come, is that there may be photographers “benefited” from receiving emails sooner than it has happened to me.
And the essence is to have invested in a channel that is not really capable of protecting real competition.

About Wedding photographers reviews on matrimonio.com

The issue then reviews. Have you ever heard of newlyweds who speak ill of their photographer? Really very difficult. Nobody looking at their photo album will say that the photos are bad and nobody will leave negative reviews. The risk therefore is that the matrimonio.com rating system is partial and only collects positive opinions. Those who choose a photographer on matrimonio.com therefore, could end up receiving a service below their expectations. Another limit is that of prices. In a system characterized mainly by positive reviews, the other factor that will end up determining a ranking in the choices will be the price: the lower the one proposed, the greater the possibility of being chosen.
But can this really be the criterion for choosing the photographer for your wedding? Obviously not, and the reviews, as they are structured, do not allow to differentiate based on the professionalism and quality of the services offered.
So, if you are a wedding photographer, before entrusting yourself to matrimonio.com I would suggest that you evaluate every aspect, hoping that my experience will come in handy.

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