Hunting customers in wedding photography

We all ask ourselves what a wedding photographer should do to contract as many customers as possible. The customers` hunting in the wedding photography segment is tough and unfair. I chosed that in this article to talk about the photography segment because the competition is much higher than in the field of wedding videography. Aquiring the equipment that we need, it is not a big problem in this business. My advice is to grow slowly and surely by human methods. Only on this way you will you manage to implement your image in this segment.

I’ve heard many ways of winning clients. Many of these methods are unorthodox. How is classified and how the customers` hunting starts in the wedding photography segment? As you all know, there are many wedding photographers on the Italian market. Some are spammers and other artists. Some take pictures and other professional photos. What are spammers in the wedding photography segment? The spam photographers are people who are very good at selling illusions. They are so-called artists in the art of manipulation. There are photographers who, through different methods, come to present to potential customers, someone else’s work. Theft … Because we live in the online era, and the portofolios of famous photographers are made public, the risk of being stolen is very high. Many of the professional photographers protected themselves through a small copyright. A logo applied to a photo, it is a simple “joke” for the persons interested in theft. My opinion is that the steps that I present below should not miss out from:
Hunting customers in the wedding photography.

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Investment in equipment and investment in information. To begin things right, you need the most accurate information about the segment in which you want to enter. You must understand that the equipment that you will acquire do not represent not even 10% of this business. The equipment will help you and will ease your work. You can buy the most expensive cameras and photo lenses. In vain! It matters what you are able to do with the equipment. No matter how you choose to work, you have to understand that there must be maximum involvement from your part. That’s the only way we can talk about evolution and performance. The improving of a photographer represents his professional evolution. Pity for us is the fact that you can not achieve performance without sacrificing yourself, without sacrificing your personal life. You can not. Especially at the beginning, when you have to prove yourself first, that what you want to do is worth it.

The potential of the investment is a factor that can easily propel you into this segment. It’s hard, better said, it’s impossible to be able to invest huge amounts. A professional wedding photographer always invests. Always adapts to new appearances. They always have the best equipment. Have you wondered how they do? If you would get the best equipment from the beginning, it means you’re not on the right track. The need for the equipment comes with the evolution of your vision upon the wedding photography.

Even if you go on the principle that you need to buy top-quality cameras, you have to be aware that you are exposed to an aggressive development. Are you ready for this? Or after 2 years you will sell your equipment because your financial calculations didn`t worked out.
The clients` hunting in the wedding photography segment begins with the formalisation of your services. You have all the resources to shoot an event, but you do not know how to get customers? Well, let me tell you that the investment you’ve made is just causing you trouble. Why? Because you are entering in a niche where the popularity and the names of some photographers sell. Because you do not have a known name. Because you have not taken into consideration that promoting your services is the main factor in maintaining and selling on the Italian market.

How to sell the services of a wedding photographer? I’m sure you will succeed to sell only when you will realize that “being original” means creating a new style in the wedding photography. If you will try to shoot in the already existing styles on the market, you will be a simple ghost with an initiative that will fail slowly and surely. If you will be interested in what your competitor does, it means you are wasting your time. The market is littered with photos that speak. In this case, you have a huge advantage. I believe that 50%, with indulgence, the Italian offerors are people who do not know what respect means.
How to start hunting customers in the wedding photography segment?

Promote yourself! Use as many promotion methods as possible. Ask professionals in this segment for successful promotions. Do not start promoted yourself with no rules at all.
Do not Be Eager, Orgolia is a defect of frustrated people. Prove that you are a professional from all points of view. Choose to give a helping hand to a beginner. Do not laugh at him. The wheel will return. I often see at the civil weddings amateur offerors. It’s impossible anyone not laugh …….. It’s awkward. You see how they look at the equipment and laugh under their mustaches. Be a quality man! Be a professional in the true sense of the word.

Do not hide your prices. I’ve read the advices of a professional wedding photographer regarding the customers` hunting in the wedding photography segment. He said that it is not good to post your prices on the site or to tell the client the price on the phone. His approach is one of the past. People who appreciated these techniques are dead since a long time. When I read his article, I honestly did not go along with this vision. He said something like, “Do not tell him the prices neither on the phone, you invite him at the coffee shop. ” I do not recommend you this method. I do not go into the polemic but in my view things are as follows: The image that you promote must sell. It must sell directly. You have to be a photographer without hidden prices. Italians are traumatized by offerors with hidden prices. But why this method is choosed? Not to communicate the prices. I think this service does not sell. You need words and “feelings” to win 200 extra Euros. I do not recommend this method. I think it will damage your image. And, in the point of desperation, you will wake up that you do not have clients. And, you have the courage to ask yourself why you do not have customers.

I hope that the article in which I wrote about the customers` hunting in the wedding photography segment does not give birth to new polemics. It’s a simple vision of a wedding photographer about customer hunting in the wedding photography segment and should be treated as such. When I entered into this market there were no documentation resources. Passion was above all information. I said, That’s what I want to do. The techniques I introduced to you are my vision of “The customers` hunting in the wedding photography segment “.

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