I am getting married! List of perfect wedding expenses

When you want to organize the perfect wedding – perfect for you and for your guests – the countdown begins a year before. Yes, you read that correctly! About 12 months last sweet slalom through decisions, budgets, and shopping lists.

List of perfect wedding expenses

Here is a monthly structured checklist, a calendar of things you need to do:


  • Choose and book the desired church and your favorite day.Rent the location, pay a deposit and sign a pre-contract.
  • Draw the first list with the names of guests and their places at the tables.
  • Analyze your menu, flowers, pies, dresses, testimonials, etc.
  • Book a wedding photographer or agency and a video operator.
  • Make a reservation for the car you want to skip the big day.
  • Make a round of shops and wedding dresses; you really need to have an idea of what to wear for a wedding.
  • Think of an artistic program that you want to have fun and take the necessary arrangements in this regard (DJs, quartets, fireworks, special guests, etc.).
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  • Choose an event organizing agency or manage your own floral decoration by any means. Council Danielle Design.
  • If you want, it’s time to start a general diet and general beauty.


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  • It’s time for your boyfriend to start looking for the groom’s dress, twins, shoes etc.
  • Along with him, choose and buy wedding rings.
  • Make hotel bookings for guests arriving at your wedding from the province.
  • Have a try in the wedding dress and underwear. If you have not yet bought it, it’s time to hurry!
  • Choose clothes for bridesmaids.
  • Make your appointment with the hairdresser and makeup. Weddings season is very busy with makeup and hair stylists.
  • Choose a wedding menu together and start tasting.
  • Choose the cake recipe as the model you want.
  • Think of where you want to spend your honeymoon and book tickets and hotel rooms. It’s too much overrated for cheaper!

And the shopping list for the wedding continues


  • Try different hairstyles and makeup styles for the wedding day.
  • Think about invitations that you will have. If you work with a specialized company, give them the OK to print.
  • Get an idea of how you want to binge on the nobility. It is also valid for your boyfriend!
  • For security, ask the restaurant to confirm the date.


  • Send invitations to guests.
  • Confirm the guests and give them the definitive number of people in the restaurant.
  • Have fun bachelor party and celibacy goodbye.


  • Make luggage or even a list of things to be taken on a honeymoon.
  • Put a ribbon on the sole of the bridal shoes for the protection and bring them around the house to get used to them.
  • Approves once again all hours of the day.
  • To have a fabulous smile on the big day, a visit from the dentist.

And the list of spending on marriage stops here just that


  • Awarded with a manicure and pedicure at the salon or at home, if you prefer.
  • Eat something light, avoid digestive hard foods, take a hot bath and try to sleep at least eight hours.
  • Take care of you to send a bag of hotel suits for both of you.
  • Send the groom (or take it with you) to the salon for a massage and a manicure.
  • Enjoy your last celibate hours!

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