I am looking for a wedding photographer: the illusion of Prontopro.it

The wedding day is a unique moment in life. Immortalizing it with a photo shoot is a great idea, to be able to stop an important event and that you can relive with memory at a later time, calmly, perhaps nestled on your sofa.

For this reason, the choice of the photographer for your big day is to be done carefully, turning to a professional in the sector and avoiding delegating this task to friends who improvise photographers or relatives.

Even worse you may find yourself in the situation of having to pay a photographer, who later turns out to be an amateur and who convinced you that he would be the right person for this task, ultimately giving you a poor result. Increasingly, in the online world, everyone improvises professionals of anything. On sites like Prontopro.it you can find people who pretend to be photographers, but in reality they are not.

The question that arises is: why is it better that you avoid consulting these sites, where does it seem easy to find what you are looking for?
Let’s start by analyzing the cons in opting for a professional “enlisted” by Prontopro.it or similar.

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Ask for availability

• The mechanism of this site requires that the top five fastest people respond to your ad and then the offer closes. Your choice is limited to only five options of people who have been quick to respond, but are not necessarily proven professionals.

• Usually a professional photographer needs time to be able to formulate a personalized offer: he does not use answers preset by an automatic system, as happens on this site.

Unfortunately, the site is also deceptive for professionals and not only for customers. These are faced with requests from alleged brides, but in reality they are ads created with the sole purpose of making people consume credits. This expedient is made to the advantage of the site itself, which earns on the purchase of credits by users.

• The customer’s request does not reach specific professionals in the sector, but generally to each type of photographer or presumed one: it may therefore happen that in the five offers received there is not even a photographer who deals with weddings, but in order to grab the customer is willing to improvise branch expert!

• The client may be persuaded to choose someone who is good at self-promotion techniques, but is not actually a person who can offer quality work on a practical level.
• Why instead opt for a professional in the sector, who you probably won’t choose in 5 minutes, but who will be able to give you comprehensive answers?
• Because he will be able to make you a professional photo shoot for a unique moment in your life, in which you cannot make mistakes or improvise.

• Because it will create a logical narrative thread to the photos taken during your big day.

• Because even if it ever costs more (but it is not said) you will have a high quality service … your wedding never comes back!

• Because it has a backup of your photos.

• Because it knows how to grasp the essence of the moment, it knows how to stop your emotions with one click and convey the uniqueness of this event.

• Why don’t you improvise and know the right poses, lights, exposures and filters, which will make your photos unique.

In certain moments of life, choosing quality is not only an option, but a necessity in order not to spoil memories that are beautiful. Opting for a professional specializing in weddings, rather than someone who has improvised, is a guarantee of a safe result without nasty surprises: the ones you definitely don’t want for this occasion!

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