I regret not to hire a professional photographer for my wedding

I have highlighted a lot of articles with tips and advice on my blog when it comes to looking for your perfect wedding photographer, I also put my portfolio on display with a lot of real marriages photographed over time but today I have the story told by a friend of mine who did not hire a professional wedding photographer and tells us why he should. I chatted with Danni a friend of my childhood and I found out how he designed his wedding day and how he managed the budget for marriage. So first of all Damage, how did you know and how are you engaged?

We met through a friend. Mary was training to be a nurse and was called around a friend of mine one night when I was there to borrow some books for my course. It was love at first sight.

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How did you plan your big day?

We knew from the beginning that we wanted a peaceful wedding – just our closest and familiar friends. In a sense, it was a good thing. Our little intimate wedding had grown into something we did not want because of the parents’ pressure. We finally married 3 years after we met and we were able to plan the wedding we wanted. We chose the nearest date. We booked the registry before – and we were able to ask to be married to a family priest who made the wedding ceremony even more special. We booked a local restaurateur to provide a buffet meal with lots of our favorite foods.

How did you split the budget?

We wanted to keep costs low – we did not have much cash and would have preferred to spend on the honeymoon. We did not have a specific budget – we bought what we liked, but in the end, we spent about the same amount spent on the dress, dress, and food. At the last minute, I decided to have flowers for her and our matron of honor. They cost more than her dress!

At that moment what was the motivation for not taking a professional photographer for marriage?

Because we had decided on a quiet wedding we thought a professional wedding photographer was not really necessary – that was somehow extravagant for a little wedding. We also thought it would be an added expense and that the money could be put to other costs and for our honeymoon. And then, a cheap wedding photographer (who did a lot of wedding photography) offered to take pictures, the thought of having a professional photographer was no longer a concern.

At what point do you regret not having a professional wedding photographer?

I was disappointed as soon as I saw the photos after our wedding. There were so few photos that I could not put in a frame – many were blurred – or people had their heads cut – the lighting was all wrong! Ever since I became a wedding provider I have been following the wedding blogs and every day I see the most beautiful photos of the wedding and I wish we had employed a professional wedding photographer to capture our special day.

What advice would others think of using a friend or family to capture their day?

DO NOT DO IT! What I understand is that wedding photography is more than having a decent camera and the ability to take a good shot. It’s about having an eye to capture special moments, to tell the story of your day – as well as all the technical experience.

What problems did you have with your photos?

> Out of focus> Over exposure – washed photos> Posing shots often have distractions in the background> Now I realize that even for the kind of photojournalism photography you have to have an eye for framing. The ‘candid’ shots you see as all the people have buffed faces or people half out the picture. They do not look ‘natural’, they seem to be refused! > There are no great creative shots – those that make you ‘wow’.

What advice would give couples planning their big day? Your photos last a lifetime – that will bring endless pleasure over the years to come, long after the food is consumed, the drink has been drunk and dried flowers. It’s definitely worth the budget for a photographer – if the money is tight I would definitely run the money from other areas to ensure that one can have one. Taking the best wedding photographer you can afford. If there is one thing I’m sorry about my marriage, I did not have a professional wedding photographer – please do not commit the same mistake.

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