The ideal customer. Are you making these fatal mistakes?

Your means of socializing are a “strategy” like wrinkling wet napkins and throwing them on a wall to see if they stick?
I did that too …
But if you know on who you need to focus on – ideal customers – and why you “hunt” them – in order to build the business you dream of, then you can give up your wet napkins and focus more on your goal and on your marketing in order to attract ideal customers #winner strategy.
Now follows the phase trick – I guided photographers on the basis of this strategy and I found something very interesting:
Most of them BELIEVE that they know their ideal clients. In my experience, I think 3 out of 4 are wrong.
Most of them do not deepen enough to understand their potential customers.

This is due to the fact that the education on this subject, especially in the photography industry, stops at the surface of the conversation.
Most articles, podcasts, and resources will tell you where your ideal customers live, what do they do for a living, what cars they drive, from what grocery store they buy, what shoes and what clothes they wear. You need to build a strong strategy for your own brand and a strategy based on some surface features.
In fact, you have to go deeper than that.

You have to understand the VALUES of the ideal client!
Like any human being, you will deceive yourself and make mistakes in this regard, which is all right. But there is a difference between minor mistakes and FATAL mistakes.
Minor mistakes can be overcome and resolved quickly in order not to seriously affect your business base and your earnings. Fatal errors are still the wrong ones that will affect the strength of your brand and the limit of your revenues and potential growth.


There are three mistakes, in particular, that photographers do all the time when it comes to their ideal clients, and these mistakes are so BANAL AND COST SO MUCH that I have to share them here.
So I’m going to unfold these three fatal mistakes of the wedding photographers when it comes to the ideal client, in a series of three articles, which will be right here on cristisebastian.com/blog.
See the first fatal mistake of the wedding photographers when it comes to the ideal client. Stay connected for parts two and three.

FATAL MISTAKE NUMBER 1: My ideal client it`s ME

As a photographer, it is not a big deal to suppose that couples I like to work with are mostly like ME.
Thinking they THINK like you, TAKE decisions like yours, and BUY from where you buy.
After all, if my brand is built around my personality, we should suppose that what I like, my ideal clients would want that too. This is a way to think FLAWED. Infusing your own personality into the profile of your ideal customer is certainly important.
In fact, I start the ideal customer discovery process by having the first self-portrait profile – highlighting what you like, your interests, habits, and values – because you have to have a better understanding of yourself as an artist to find out who you like to work with mostly.

But your profile is just the FIRST STEP.
The problem is that if you think that your ideal client is a version of yourself, you have the risk of building a surface profile based on features at first glance.
For example, you can enjoy excursions in the open air, so you suppose that your ideal client will love the same thing.
However, here we talk about PRINCIPLES OF MORALITY and not about their value.
Ideal customers may not do the same thing as you do, but they could do different things for the same reasons.
What you need to think about is WHY you are enjoying outdoor hiking:
• Is it the will of adventure?
• The quietness and loneliness that you have there?
• The spiritual connection with nature?

If you know why you like outdoor trips, then you can identify when a customer shares the same values but expresses them in different ways.
For example, if you like outdoors because of peace and solitude, then you can connect with customers who love to read, cook or work alone for the same reasons.

Different PRINCIPLES OF MORALITY, habits, but the same values.
When you have a clear profile of your ideal client outside YOU, you can ask yourself: “What would my ideal client want to read?” And “what would think my client about this photo on Instagram?”

You no longer have to consume energy running for the ideal customer because knowing the ideal client profile will give you the power of vision, focus, and clarity in order to know what to post and you will automatically attract your client.

Do you think you made this mistake? Do not worry! You did not waste your time, but you have to make more effort to understand your dreams.

Finding the ideal customer is not easy; it’s hard to know where to start from and how to figure out what’s really important to them. In the second part of this post (which will be soon), I will guide you systematically through the three phases of building the ideal client profile.

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