I’m new in wedding photography. How can I contract my first client?

Together with the team, we had several years full of events.
We started from two passionate photographers and a dog and we came to a team of 5 photographers, 2 videographers, and various collaborators.
From a partnership in two to reach a team of 10.
From passion to professionalism.
Surely I learned a lot!
As time goes by with the chaotic adaptations that we experienced, we have learned once again what it means to take everything from the beginning, but to another level. We have in our team amazingly talented wedding photographers ready to meet our future grooms and also a specialized photographer on portraits ready to fill in his agenda with autumn, winter sessions, but also with outdoor sessions in spring and summer.
So what’s next?
In the moment when we were forced to make the business go really pop, I and Gabi had to learn some important lessons when we started the new business venture into photography.
And guess what!

There is no secret formula!
I have not discovered a secret or a new method when it comes to contracting the first client as a creative entrepreneur. All the principles in which everyone teaches you how to get the first customer are true.
What I will tell you is not new or revolutionary. In fact, it’s so trivial that it will make your eyes roll back in your head.

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The most important resource for having a new client is: ………… SOCIALIZATION!
Am I wrong? BO-RING! RING with BO, BO, and RING. Boring-sauce. With a side of BORING.
It’s true! We have had a great success but we have also encountered difficulties. We had slow starts, but also spanner in the works. We had to restart, rethink and rebuild.
The most important thing that we had again and again implemented is socialization, which is also the key that opens the doors for building a solid foundation for future grooms.
That means you must be visible!
A photographer colleague said that when you launch a new business, and not just in the wedding photography, you should contact the “funeral list”.
What he wants to say is that you have to write all those who would be at your funeral and tell them what you’re up to. Explain to them that you are taking a new step in the field of photography and briefly explain to them who you want to have as clients. I spoke in an older post about the ideal grooms
Find friends in your circle that would be photographed in exchange for photos you can use later for your online portfolio and create an activity you’re excited about.
A bonus is the fact that these people might even be your clients one day, the ideal dream clients. Edit and post the photos in an online portfolio, then the others will come by themselves.

Be active,

You can build an amazing site with beautiful pictures. It does not make sense if you do not have visitors. The biggest mistake that the photographers make is that they build the site and then rest, hoping that many customers will come.
You have to be active, you have to be vocal, you have to make others know what you’re doing. Also, keep in mind that the most influential people in your network are the friends of your friends. They are the door to other relations and new networks that you have not yet met. Here’s the opportunity to make yourself known to a larger audience.

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