How important is the full rendering of RAW photos together with the other wedding photos?

The opinion formers have come to implement well in the wedding photography market, the following aspect: handing the raws to the customer. In the proportion of 95% of clients ask me: Do you hand over the wedding raws too? OMG, but what do you do with the hundreds of gigas I give you? Even today, I have not been able to understand for what the RAW`s wedding photographs are useful.

As a result, I started to work out this issue better. In the wedding photography niche, there are many offerors who have taken advantage of people’s misinformation. A good friend has been asked to pay 500 Euros for the RAWs` wedding photos. I refused to believe it! But this is the truth.

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Raw photos

Yes! We have handed over and will still hand the RAW wedding photos. Only that from now on will cost. I will argue why RAW photos cost! I would love that after reading the following headlines, you will not use the usual question:

Do you also hand over the RAW wedding photos?

The worst factor in handing over a raw material is time. I have to recover 3 HDD’s from customers. The reason I do not have them either today is the following: You know, we couldn`t buy an HDD to copy the RAWs. Or, it takes too much and we do not have enough space on our personal HDD. Okay, I got it. But, folks, what fault do I have? I asked: Do you also hand over the RAW photos of the wedding? NO!!!

Yes, we want the raw! But, next week, until then we are not able to buy an HDD. Passes a week, passes two, passes 3. Is it worth mentioning the continuation? We stay with the HDDs locked up even today. To be indifference or lack of respect? It looks like after the wedding, people do not have the same conviction for the raw pictures. Still, I think that people view the photos, then say: We have enough time to take the RAWs.

What do you do with 6000 photos that occupy at least 260GB? In case you did not know, RAW wedding photos with DSLR look different from jpeg photos that occupy much less space.

Along with handing over the RAW photos, I should also surrender my copyright. I don`t believe that a professional wedding photographer could offer the RAW for “free”.

For those who want to learn or “steal information,” RAW photos are a gold mine. Because the materials are not passed through any process of loss of capture information, the materials have the original features. Honestly, if there would be an opportunity to buy RAWs from the wedding, I think I would be the first buyer!
I have decided that will impose affiliated photographers and members handing over the RAW photos only for a fee. The period that a customer will be able to request the RAWs will be until the day of the event. The RAWs will be handed once the final materials are handed over. I hope to be understood. We’re trying to sharpen things up in the photo segment not in selling HDDs.

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