We know how important it is to know the answer to all the questions before making any decision, which is why we provide a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

How does the quote work?

If I send a quote for a photographer I am also required to take it?

To have a better idea and to make the most of it, we want to let you know that it is very useful for both parties to know more information before making a quotation pricing: Portfolio, price, and availability. If by any chance one of these conditions is not suitable for the project, there is no obligation for either party to accept the request for a prior mandate.

When do I have to send a request for a quote?

You can submit a quote after you have been documented about the photographer’s business. After you’ve seen the gallery with wedding photos, you’ve been informed that the price range has and you have verified the availability of the favorite photographer, you can send the request.

Why should I send a request?

By sending a request you have the advantage of having the booking service in advance for the date in advance.

Are there any costs to send requests that generate the temporary booking of photographic services?

No cost for these types of reminder is perceived. Please note that the duration of the “temporary booking” service is valid for up to 72 hours from the time of the request.

Can I send more than one booking?

To avoid spam or low-priority solicitations you can only send a one-time request. I just sent another just after the current reminder is canceled from one of the parts.

After how long will I be contacted after I sent the request?

After your booking request has been sent you will be contacted in the shortest time. The waiting time can vary from 10 minutes to 72 hours.

Can I postpone the validity time for a temporary reminder through a request?

Reservations are applied through a computing system we use on this platform. No photographer or videographer can influence these parameters. Passing 72-hour limitation is filtered by the interest you have for a possible collaboration.

How long will it take that my request is turned into a physical contract?

In most cases, a request will be settled in the contract and signed in the next 7 working days. The time for the contractual solution depends on the interest you have.

When to submit a request for a quote?
  • Send us a quote if you would like to receive the offer by email.
  • Send us a request for a quote if you want to know availability.
When do not you send a request for a quote?
  • Do not send us a quote before you see the portfolio and get an idea of our style.
  • Do not send us a quote request to negotiate prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of services do you offer?

Mainly wedding, event, portrait and family photography. For those interested in more events services.

Do you also do video?

Even if I could do it, I do not think I would want to. The video is completely different and needs to be done by a pro in this field. What I can do for you is to recommend you people that are doing the video with the same passion and pleasure that I photograph.

How much a photographic service in Italy costs, the price offer?

The price offer is personalized and is calculated by the type of event, number of hours, whether it’s day or night, distance to event’s venue, type of services requested, number of partners involved. In order to request a personalized offer, please contact me and I will respond to you in the shortest time possible. The price offer differs if the wedding is during the day or during the night because if I commit to a Saturday night event, I will not be able to book another event the next day – so I’m caught with your event two days. That’s why day weddings have a better price.

What does the price that I pay for the photographer include?

The price you receive covers: my investment in photographic equipment and software licenses, the processing time to get quality results, the cost of the workshops I attend and my education in this area, the cost of the albums and the assistant, the second photographer, the experience gained in the field, marketing expenses (fairs and exhibitions, web hosting, promotion), accounting and state fees and, last but not least, the time I spent away from my family during your event. If you get a lower price from someone, the explanation would be that somewhere savings were made.

How many photos do you give?

I never go to an event to take a certain number of photos but to capture every time as many beautiful and unique moments as possible. From my experience of over 200 events, I can say that I have never handed over less than 700 photos to an event, but I have given even much more than that.
Show me that you love each other and leave the number to me! 🙂

Do we have to sign a contract and pay in advance?

If you want me to book your wedding date and to be able to count on me for the event, both signing a contract and paying an advance is required.

Who takes the photos, does the editing, and makes the album?

Congratulations on the question. In my case, I personally take the pictures, do the retouching and the album design. I recommend that you ask this question to all the photographers you contact. It is possible to be shown albums with photos where someone was the photographer, someone else edited, and someone else created the album. So far, nothing wrong. However, I think you would want to have at your wedding the photographer who personally took the pictures that impressed you, and not a student who is available on your wedding day (and not the main photographer who made the marketing but is busy with another wedding on that day). The actual production of the album is left to the attention of specialized laboratories carefully selected to suit my expectations.

Do you think it is necessary to meet face-to-face?

I think it’s important for you and also for me. Other extra arguments for a face-to-face meeting:

  • you can see my latest photographs/projects that I have not posted on the site yet;
  • you can see projects that I cannot post in the virtual environment due to privacy clauses;
  • you can touch and feel directly an album and see the quality I offer;
  • we do not hurry in communicating and we can find out anything relevant about each other;
  • in addition to the price, is important the trust that each of us transmits;
  • you will see exactly the person who will offer you the services – photo, editing, design and album paging.
How many pictures will we receive?

All captured photos pass through a selection and editing process, and the customer will only receive those photos that meet certain personal criteria. This is an essential condition in our collaboration. We never talk about a lot of photos, but about good pictures that illustrate all the moments of your event.

You do the photo shooting on the wedding day?

Yes, it is even mandatory :). Even if you opt for the after wedding photo shooting, this photo shooting on your wedding day should not be missing. You will have many pictures with you, snapshots, group photos, etc … but some portraits of the two of you in an intimate setting must be taken. Your state of mind from that day can never be recreated.

Will I get unedited photos / can I get all the photos, including the raw and unedited ones?

Because I’m trying to provide a higher level of photography, and I want my photographs to represent my vision (for which you have chosen me), and because modern technology shares images in the virtual environment at an amazing speed, I NEVER DELIVER (and do not be upset with me) unedited photos.

How does the delivery of the photos work?

The deadline for the photos` delivering is 60 working days. Depending on how busy the season is, this term may change (in both ways) but it remains to communicate and to come to an agreement. During the first phase, you will receive the images at full size through a large file transfer link. Immediately afterward you will get access to the personal gallery posted on the site. You will then receive a DVD with all the images.

What is the album procedure?

The procedure is simple: a few days after I handed the photos I propose the collages according to the moments of the event and in maximum 2 rounds of changes we should reach the final form of the album. After receiving the final written acceptance of the collages, in about 2 weeks you will receive the album. The album will be handed to you personally.

What is the bride and groom’s level of involvement in the photo part?

You have very few things to do: to be yourself, and in the photo sessions to follow some suggestions given by the photographer related to posture and orientation towards the light sources. In case you want pictures in the photographer’s style.

Which equipment do you use?

There is no point in going into details, but I can say it’s a lot and it’s heavy. If you are still passionate and want to find out more information, I will create a video in which I will discuss some aspects of it. Soon…