How dangerous are the band`s lights and lasers for the photographic equipment?

It was necessary to burn 2 DSLR camera` sensors to make people understand how dangerous laser lights are during an event. It’s right, the sensor’s vulnerability is much higher in the filming mode than in the shooting mode. The lens properties in shooting with DSLR are better than shooting with a camera. The DSLR, namely digital single lens reflex, was set especially for photographers. The new upgrade, which includes the ability to shoot, expose you to great dangers.

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Laser vs photo video wedding – The evolution of wedding photography requires us to take pictures with DSLR devices. But when shooting a wedding with DSLR you can burn the sensor in less than a second. When can you burn the sensor? Well, if your creativity pushes you to shoot directly in the sun, you have a huge chance to lose a lot of money. As far as I know, the profile companies selling these products do not offer guarantees for this kind of defects. If you read the technical book of a DSLR photo camera, you will see that it forbids photo shooting towards an extremely bright light source. But what happens if the grooms have bought lasers for the wedding?
Laser vs photo video wedding.
You have the misfortune of burning a sensor during shooting. Who will answer for this? Who will bear the damages? The grooms? Well, what blame they have? Have they forced you to shoot in the direct light of the lasers? Or, from where should they know that you are exposed to these dangers. Because the percentage of grooms who inform themselves about these wedding services does not exceed 5%, my advice is to communicate these possible issues before signing a contract. Otherwise, you will pay the damages yourself.
And, as you know, instead of buying a new sensor, you better change your device. It is said that the man until he does not feel on his own skin, does not learn. The article laser vs photo video wedding was written in the hope of a small warning that can cause you many troubles. We all know how expensive is the equipment used by a wedding photographer. So, pay close attention to the events in which the formula laser vs. photo video wedding is present

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