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Many grooms who call me ask one or two questions, and after this, they ask for the price. Looking for a professional wedding photographer: Professional wedding photographers have rates that vary depending on what you want. It is in your interest to ask all questions to be sure that you will get the best value for your services. After you’ve chosen some potential wedding photographers, decide on the answers they offer to your questions. Not only will you win, but also the photographer. He will be so capable of understanding what your needs are and the most important thing for you. I’ve compiled a list of questions for you to ask your photographer.

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Ask for availability

You do not have to use them all and maybe I would like to include some issues that you haven’t thought of. Just make sure you know your needs and your desires. Remember, at the same time, that the wedding photographer has experience and he may be able to offer some suggestions for making the wedding day a work of art.

What to ask the photographer

Can we see a portfolio? Can we see a wedding album?

Can we see photos made of interior and exterior? What are the price list options? How many photos do you take? How many unprocessed photographs will we receive? In what form would we receive unprocessed photos? Can we keep the edited photos? What is your style of photography? How long does it take to edit the photos? Can we offer a list of the paintings we prefer? Can we opt for both color and black and white photography? How many albums are included in the cost of the package? How much cost additional albums? How many photos does an album include? What size will the album albums have? Can we add extra pages to the album? How much and at what price? What quality do the album pages have? Do you prefer official photographs, reportage, or a combination? Can we choose the album and the design of the pages? Can we see some variants available? Is there an extra fee to have our names and wedding dates on the cover? Are there portraits included in the price? What size of portraits are available?

We are almost done with questions when looking for professional wedding photographer

How long will it take until we’ll receive the album? How long do you keep the photos? Do you have backup equipment available? Did you take photos at our wedding location? Can we see some photos taken on that location? Are you willing to go and see the location first at the wedding ceremony? Will there be more photographers? If you can not attend for personal reasons, who deals with our wedding ceremony? Are there extra costs that are not included in the package price, such as shipping or lunch?

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