How much does the style of the photography affect the wedding traditions?

Wedding shooting in artistic style – Adio wedding traditions! The phenomenon of wedding shooting in artistic style has evolved so much that we are forced to choose between shooting a wedding in an artistic style or wedding traditions. Why can we not find both alternatives in the same equation? Because the shooting of a wedding in an artistic style requires, a scenario, a decor, directing and a lot of time. It is impossible to realize all of this things on the same day.
Wedding traditions.

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Is it really worthwhile to give up traditions for an artistic wedding shooting? The answer is only in you, in the ones who choose to shoot their wedding in an artistic style. An important detail of the wedding photography is the space in which it is photographed. Nowadays, more and more grooms prefer to photograph the traditions in a hotel room. I’m convinced that the images will have a much bigger impact than shooting in an ordinary room from a block of flats. Another advantage of the hotel room is the elimination of the agitation from home, when, everyone is asking you for something. In other words, I came to the conclusion that in order to make the wedding photos in an artistic style, you need a lot of involvement from the grooms. See a small example: shooting at location

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