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Today I feel happy as never before. I’m not tired anymore. The hours and effort to offer customers the most beautiful wedding photography have disappeared like magic. Tiredness is gone, sweat, warmth, and stress, on the wedding day of those who soon come to me as a wedding photographer in Piacenza, Pavia, Milan and elsewhere, have disappeared.

On the day when the bride and groom are happiest, as a wedding photographer you are put to the test and to become the wedding photographer that please everyone you have to put your soul on. In those moments you are tempted by different parts and you can easily surrender, but that’s not the case if you keep the photos going professionally. These are the moments in which you have to make quick and concrete decisions to capture as much of the beautiful memories of the wedding day as possible.

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Today is the day I become addicted to never. During those moments of pressure, the wedding photography gets to the end (wedding photographer) well done. That’s the ironic moment you know what’s waiting for you. You know it will be difficult, but despite this, you want to do it again and again, because in the end you like it and acknowledgment is the proof. The reward is that my photo is highlighted in a group of professional wedding photographers. For a good wedding photographer, vision and creativity must overcome the classic, classy style used by many.

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Below you will find the photo chosen by YPWPhotographer as the photo of the week. This is my prize. You can see it by clicking here.

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