Preparations for weddings and the wedding season

Around me, many friends prepare for the wedding. Whether they marry themselves, whether they are guests at a friend’s wedding. So I thought about presenting a series of posts that will inspire you if you are in the same period of preparation. Otherwise, it will be useful tips sometimes or you can enjoy watching the photos and remembering your wedding – as in my case. Anyway, it’s nice to wear a wedding dress and groom’s gown, just for a few hours … Since a lot of people ask me on Facebook or even on the way to my wedding and I often meet customers who ask me details about wedding organization I am happy to answer all of them as far as preparations for marriage are concerned.

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So they remind me of my wedding day, but also of the preparations. Sometimes it happens that between the bride and the groom also happen little tensions of these preparations, which can be difficult, especially if you have to please all the guests. And when I say this I mean your relatives, your relatives, friends who want to have fun all night with rock music, parents who also want a bit of classical music, choice of menu, cake, dress … and the list with preparations for marriage is long. For us, it was easier because I knew from the beginning that we wanted a “classic” wedding. On the blog, you will find many wedding photos if you use the “marriage” search in the search box.

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