Pronovias Wedding Dresses Collection 2015 | Barcelona

The bridal fashion company, the iconic Pronovias has released their bridal dress collection 2015 and can not be more excited. Year after year, this Spanish designer home offers a plethora of amazing wedding dresses and to be honest, I’m a big fan! With a large selection of gorgeous dresses, Pronovias has their collection in five different gorgeous chapters. All their Brides dress 2015 collection can be seen on their website. Today, I’m sharing with you the amazing Pronovias, the breathtaking Pronovias Atelier 2015. This collection meets those fashion brides who want to make a good impression on their big day. Their styles are made for all tastes. I like a collection that offers a magical blend of modernity and tradition, and the elegant Regale bridal collection Pronovias is just that. Feminine and sophisticated, with a wide variety of flattering neckties and silhouettes, these two chapters of the 2015 collection as follows:

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Bridal Dress Collection 2015


Lightweight garments that fall naturally and designs that flatter the figures of sophisticated brides




For romantic brides dressed in colorful pastel, gem jewelry with amazing gem embroidery and large skirts.



Fine fabrics, long-lasting and eyebrows, have the characteristics of sposeclassics.



Curls and feathers, flowers and sumptuous tulle are a dream come true for brides wanting a dress full of magic and fantasy.



Short dresses and daring bridal dresses, for brides looking for something simple and original



A long dress for the ceremony and a second, short one for the dance floor. With this dress, you can choose a skirt and top and create your own combination.


Bridal Dress Collection 2015 If you liked other collections from different fashion houses, let me know about it in a comment below.

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