Read this article and find out how to negotiate with the wedding photographer!

In order to support the former post in which I wrote about the wedding photography price negotiation, in this article I will write a few small secrets that grooms certainly do not know about. In the case in which on the site there is no discount campaign active, the prices are not negotiable. The site policy forbids photographers and videographers, members and affiliates to negotiate the prices displayed on the site.

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Ask for availability

In case the time is the factor for which you are not able to view a portfolio, and you are eager to find the prices of an offerer.

I will offer you 11 reasons why you should not negotiate the price of a wedding photo:

  • Are the business days in which a photographer can obtain profits just Saturday and Sunday?
  • In case the wedding takes place in a city other than the photographer’s home city, is the photographer blocked for 2 days?
  • Is the non-assistant shooting more physically demanding than shooting with an assistant or a second photographer?
  • In order to use professional systems such as luxury fixed lenses, natural light, artificial light, flashes don`t you need an advanced shooting experience?
  • Isn`t the photographic equipment used for a wedding the factor that determines the price of the shooting?
  • Does the actual duration of a wedding photo service lasts about 7 days with 8 hours of work per day, and can get much longer?
  • Is the price you pay for the photographer’s amalgam of knowledge and not for the equipment he uses?
  • Does a professional photographer redeem his equipment used for an event in about 60 “High” works?
  • Do you need many years of study to become a professional photographer?
  • In order for a photographer to sell does he needs very expensive promotion?
  • Is a photographer blocking all his day of the civil wedding shooting?

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