Speaking on the phone with potential grooms. The magic of telephone consultations

I’m not good at talking on the phone and I do not think I will ever be.

I’m really silent and shy and talking to new people is not part of my qualities, but talking to a complete stranger on the phone makes me nervous.

It takes me with sweats, chills, restlessness, especially when I start to form the number and look official, I think you already know what I mean.

In the early years, I was hiding behind the emails as much as possible. Of course, I would not have recognized that I was hiding, but that I was just exercising my power to convince the world only by writing.

Because I had good chances of booking when I met the clients face to face, the purpose was to bring the customers to the studio meeting.

The meetings were a real help for me, so I did not do anything in this regard. But there have been demands coming from other provinces, even from other countries, and I realized that the face-to-face meeting is no longer an option.

Suddenly, because of what you’re afraid you cannot escape, I had to speak on the phone but also to convince them. I was trembling from all sides.

Are there any other telenophobic photographers who read my blog?
There must be, otherwise, I would be the only introvert that really has a problem with talking on the phone and who reports himself openly about a serious weakness.

And if there are, I want you to know that you are not the only one. Many of us are part of this group, and in order to solve this weakness, I have put some strategies.

When did the phone calls begin to heed you know what? I was able to convince and book more weddings than before.

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Speaking on the phone with potential grooms. The magic of telephone consultations


Because phone conversations are simple and fast. Just think – you can get in touch with the grooms, you can get to know them and you can talk about everything you do and send the price list or even book in less than a day, and you have a huge advantage to other photographers whom she probably contacted and booked a meeting next week or later.

It’s simple – as the wedding date booking process is easier, the more likely she will book the wedding.
So how did a telenophobic like me managed to cure his fears? I didn`t do it, but I developed some strategies to help myself.

Here are some:

1. Write a script

The biggest fear was of not knowing what to say on the phone, so I wrote a list to follow while talking to the bride or groom.
The list contains the main points that each call should include and in what order, but also the freedom to follow it freely or step by step depends on the case of each call.
There are parts in which I have noted what I have to say word by word, especially when we have to talk about the budget or about prices where the formulation is important, and in other parts I just formulated some questions through which I have the opportunity to know the grooms as people or as a couple.
I do not follow the sketch exactly, every conversation is different, but I always use some phrases because I know they will get the most positive response from a potential groom.

2. Be prepared

In the contact form on the site, the grooms will write their request, and often specify the church and the local where they will get married.
I find this information practical because I can start a conversation through a connecting point. I’m searching on Google the place where the wedding will take place in order to make an idea about the grooms – ask them what they liked at that location, why they chose it, where and when they got engaged, etc.

Break the ice with these connecting points and you’ll be able to start a phone conversation in a fun and personal tone.

3. Exercise

Speak out loud everything you’ve written before in front of the mirror or in front of someone close to you.
YES, the practice is strange, but do it anyway!
Then ask for advice – should it be formulated differently? Is the conversation too simple or overwhelming? You do not have to overwhelm anyone during a phone conversation – send additional information by email later – and exercise the sentences and the content in order to be sure of yourself and confident.

4. Do what you have to do as simple as possible

If you are a telenophobic like me, do everything you can to make sure you have an open psychic when you have a telephone conversation.
Close the door, sit down on something relaxing, be glad that you are going to meet a new bride or groom and smile before you start dialing the number.
Then be yourself!
Talk on the phone as if they were in front of you. People like to talk about them, so ask questions based on their answers.
Remember to smile. Even if they do not see you, they will feel your smile.

What kind of tips and suggestions do you have for the phone conversations?

What worked best for you?
I cannot wait to hear your advice.

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