The questions to ask for your wedding photo shoot

You have come to the choice of the photographer for your photo shoot. Create a list of questions that you can ask to get a clear idea of what will happen. To facilitate you, here are some question suggestions that can be useful.

1. What is the style adopted by the photographer?
Each photographer has his own style and you can check it by viewing his book. If the shots of his previous works strike you, the choice is the right one: better to opt for someone whose work you like, than to ask a photographer to distort his style and force him to take photos other than he is used to. This is because they will always look less spontaneous.

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2. Who will be there on your wedding day?
Make sure that the person you are talking to is at your wedding and not an assistant and a second photographer.

3. What offers are there?
You will be offered a package and an offer. First of all, inquire well what it includes and if you think that some aspect of this does not serve you, then ask for a specialized quote based on your needs. It is the photographer’s job to make an ad hoc estimate on the client’s needs. The ideal would be to have a written contract between the two parties, in case of dispute. Furthermore, this could allow for clear ideas on both sides. At this stage, you also talk about insurance: every professional photographer has one.

4. How long does the photographer stop at your wedding?
Indicatively, there will be a quantity of hours indicated, but ask for the option that if the marriage lasts longer, how much the difference in terms of costs could be or if it is included in the offer that is made to you.

5. How long will you have the service?
The timing must be agreed in order not to have wrong discussions or expectations later. Whether you decide to make a classic album or a photo book, there are some postproduction phases that require time and work, so it is obvious that delivery cannot be immediate: on the other hand, for a quality work, a lapse has to be taken into account to prepare it. Haste is always a bad companion! There is a difference between high and low resolution photos: you will receive primale seconde while the altas photos are those on which the post production work must be done and you will receive them later.

6. How will you receive the photos?
The methods for delivering photos can be numerous:

• By cd: convenient to keep them in the archive even if it is one of the media most at risk of breaking
• On hard disk or stick: they are safe archives even if it is always better to do a further backup because they can unfortunately be damaged.
• Online: it is one of the simplest and most free methods, just use clouds like Google Drive which allows you to download everything but also to store online, or simple transfer channels such as Wetransfer.

Everyone will then have more specific questions according to the various cases, but having this information is definitely useful in order to have clear ideas and exceptional service!

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