The wedding album: photo book or classic version?

One of the questions that arises today is, if following the photo shoot, it is better to create a classic album with lots of sheets of tissue paper that separate and protect the printed photos, as has always been done, or if it is better to create a much more modern photo book.
It all depends on your personal taste: if you are a lover of tradition and you want the classic precious album with a cover in leather or fabric and engraved on it with your names, it is advisable to opt for the classic version. If you are modern and you love practicality, but also the quality of a print analogous to an art catalog, you will opt for the photo book. Starting from this assumption we see the characteristics of both, so that you can choose the best solution that you think is most suitable.

The photo book

• The photo book is certainly easier in the management of creativity, in fact the application of filters and masks, but also of graphic elements, such as particular backgrounds that personalize every single page, it’s a reality. The graphics are applicable to both the page and the photo.

• One of the advantages of the photo book is that you can see the final layout before printing and prepare the necessary changes.

• Photo book printing is a modern technique, which guarantees high quality, which does not fade over time and therefore keeps the final product intact for many years.

If you have the idea that it is a lower quality product, maybe you don’t know the crafts that are also done at the binding level, where the technology of modern albums is combined with the refinement of traditional models

The classic album

On the other side, there it is: the timeless classic album! This is an ever green that will never go out of style.

• Today with the possibility of retouching photos in post production it is possible to create effects, but also graphics on the photos that you will attach to the album card.

• If you are a lover of traditional weddings opt for this choice, because the photo book may be too “simple” for you.

• The photos tend to wear out more, but on the other hand how many years have there been albums where even a slight yellowing of the photos creates a lived-in effect? ​​

The two most important aspects are the fact that the traditional album has heavier cards and leafing becomes a more tangible action, precisely because of the thickness of the page. In addition, the traditional album is one of those memorabilia to be kept in a well-placed box and that, when you take it out, has a certain size, but this almost seems to project us into the wedding itself and make it live again.

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What to choose?

There is no right or wrong choice: both solutions are two different visions of how technology, photography and in any case a style and a way of being are interpreted. Without being influenced too much, we need to think about what we personally consider best for us and what gives us the feeling of being our perfect album: from there, just communicate it to the photographer, who will choose the best compositions creating a unique set.

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