Do you want to increase your packet costs? It’s easier than you think

There is a common reason for which the customers will not reserve an event, yet I think that most of you don`t realize why is that.
Certainly, if you ask a customer who has not hired you at their event why they didn`t, they will definitely say that they have found someone else or that the budget did not allow to purchase your photo services.
But in most of the cases, it is not a response that depends on the wedding photographer. I have heard them all, but the ones listed above are the most common excuses used.
If you feel frustrated from this respect (I have gone through this, too) consider:
More than anything CONFUSION will significantly reduce the chances of contracting new customers.


When I was at the beginning, I thought that customers want to have from where to choose. So I offered them 3 types of wedding albums from 3 different laboratories that were dealing only with wedding albums.
I thought that by offering 3 different products I will come up with something innovative and different from the rest. I even felt safe knowing that I could offer the perfect album for any kind of demand.
The problem is that a wedding album is a luxury product, and buying a luxury product is also an important decision that the grooms must make. We were not just asking them to make an important decision, but we were asking them to make a decision on the options with which these albums could have been made.
How is it like to go through enormous trouble showing a bunch of albums plus options explaining the packages and the grooms not to be able to digest so much information?
From the package`s price to the email responses, CONFUSION will create unnecessary barriers between you and the contract signing with your ideal grooms.

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How to be clear
Once I realize that the album options are confusing, I decided to simplify the process.
Today, we make the albums only in one place. A professional laboratory meeting the quality of the other 3.
Now I use the pitch as an opportunity to educate clients about the importance of keeping their photos in professional albums that will last over the coming years.
I offer clarity in the minds of the grooms WHY it deserves to invest in an album, instead of making them confused not to know WHAT TYPE of album to buy.

The good news is the fact that if you start looking for the elements that produce confusion in your business, these elements can easily be noticed.
Let`s take for example the offered packages.

The packages are confusing if:
• You have to make a chart or graph in order to be understood (even for you).
• You can not explain the prices in three sentences (short ones) or even less.
• You have to repeat the price from where you started and how you got to that end several times during a meeting.
Instead, simplify the price as much as possible.
Eliminate what requires making a decision in an unnecessary situation, such as product excesses or options.
Do the grooms have to choose how many pages to have their wedding album from the first meeting? NO WAY!
They should focus on connecting with YOU and on what you are offering.
But how is the email in which you respond to a request for a quote? It’s too CONFUSING if:
You explain the packages in details, from head to tail already in the first email.
You ask more questions that need to be answered in detail.
You make them more invitations (Calls to action) (like booking a meeting AND choosing ALREADY a package)
Instead, set a clear goal for that email. Move the sales perspective to the next email/step.

If the potential customers do not answer as you may fancy, ask a person who has no idea about your business to go together through the steps by which you inform the client.
Ask for a sincere opinion about the points that caused confusion and how you can express yourself to eliminate it.
The more you eliminate the confusion in the process and create clarity about what you offer, the more receptive will be ideal grooms in booking you.
I wrote here an article about how to discover the ideal grooms here

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