Wedding dress – more expensive than the wedding photographer

Wedding dress – more expensive than the wedding photographer

Here’s a sensitive topic for the Italian weddings in 2016 – The bridal dress, more expensive than the wedding photographer! Yes, yes, it is quite possible in Italy where the financial situation is down but the appearances and falls always matter, above all!
I count on quality, not on quantity, and that should be enough in order to be qualitative people and in order to make right choices!

Why invest in the wedding dress more than in the wedding photographer ?! Indeed, it is a unique moment in a woman’s life, sitting in front of the altar with her beloved man, in a gorgeous dress, vowing love and eternal faith – but I have the impression that we really neglected those things that will remain after the wedding night– the memories.

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A truly well-done wedding photo, able to transmit the viewer the emotion of the moment, demands besides attention, professionalism, dedication and that blink of the photographer that is enough for a moment to make a story out of your reality.
Life is so beautiful by its simplicity, by the quality it of the finest things!

Wedding dress – more expensive than the wedding photographer

Your wedding photos – quality, emotion, unique moments that happen once in your life (or so it should be) – in this way I would describe the wedding photos in which you are the unique protagonist, you – the couple in the spotlight; you, your husband’s bride! You future bride, nothing you have for an expensive dress, a lovely cake, class quests, if the people behind the curtain are not professionals and they do not have the power to transpose this entire event in order to keep your memories as beautiful as the bridal dress!
And here we come back…

The Wedding dress – more expensive than the wedding photographer ?!

The couples really … couples … know what the values mean! And yet, maybe you wonder why I insist so much on the quality of a wedding photographer. Well, I’m a woman, I want my wedding dress and my pictures, my memory, made as best as possible! All or nothing!

The wedding dress – more expensive than the wedding photographer

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