Wedding hairstyles trends 2016 | Piacenza

If you invest time and money in your wedding dress, make sure you have the best hair salon that makes your wedding hairstyle enviable. If you are the bride then all the details that make up your dress must be perfect.

You’re lucky if you already have a stylist who has to do with her hair every month and know your tastes. But if you do not know nobody should do your research first, the more that marriage approaches and you have to talk over time with a stylist for your wedding dress 2016. Here’s what you need to do when you see it for the first time in your future stylist.

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Get ready

When you meet with your stylist before, remember that not knowing your tastes and do not know what you want, so be sure you can explain exactly what you want. Our advice is to go with wedding photos in fashion magazines or the Internet, hairstyles for your wedding that has drawn attention.

TIP: You are dressed in a shirt or a white dress, you can also dress up with a necklace you will wear to the wedding. The stylist will be much easier to see the complete picture and also for you.

Photograph your hairstyles

Since the stylist tries different hairstyles, make sure you have a photo camera and take more photos to get images from different angles and to analyze the final images. So it will be much easier to see what a bridal hairstyle 2016 suits you best.

Details about what to talk with your stylist

You need to have this conversation with your stylist. Think if you want to come home or you are the one you prefer to go to the salon. That is, you should know if you want to come even to your wedding to fix your hair from time to time. But keep in mind that these requirements will cost you more money.


Here is the big day arrived! Make sure you do not have an appointment with the hairdresser either too soon or too late. If the church ceremony starts at 16:00, the best thing is to be present at the designer around 13:00.

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