How is your wedding photography affected by the general evolution of the wedding photos?

I had the opportunity to view wedding photos made in 2001. So I decided to express my opinion about the evolution of the wedding photography. The concept of the wedding has changed radically. Traditions no longer exist.
What is the wedding really? The emotion that I felt when I viewed those photos does not compare to anything. Is the existing evolution going on the right track?

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The difference between a professional wedding photographer that excelled at that time, differs a lot from today’s offerors. We’re talking about wedding photography with a camera on film. Congratulations to the one who photographed. He did not leave me the feeling of “kitch” neither for a moment. The appearance of the editing programs was not well understood. Nowadays, hearts and flowers are fashionable. It goes on the principle: Who has the most digital effects, that’s the best one. This total misinformation was created by the amateur offerors who have entered in this segment indoctrinated by “need”. More recently, LR image effects are not missing from the photos. Some are very well done, others are true human cupcakes. As I have written in other posts, the need pushes you to do anything as quickly as possible. Needs do not push you for performance and fairness. The first material that I present, the wedding photos made in 2000. Piacenza town, Piacenza province, Italy.

The evolution of wedding photography.

That’s what the pictures look like, for those inside the picture the sentimental value is immense. Frankly, to say, I really like what I saw. I do not know for sure though if I’m captured by the photos or by the period in which the pictures were photographed. In spite of the simple life they have, the smiles and the pure fun get another dimension. Even if the photographers cost enormously, even if it was hard for getting to a photographer, even if the photos were made with a single camera, even if there was no editing, even if … I have to congratulate those persons who took this initiative to hire a photographer for their wedding. Now let’s watch a wedding photographer service done in our days to better exemplify the evolution of wedding photography.

By comparing the two shots, I came to the conclusion that a stronger contrast does not exist. I will never say that one is poorly photographed and the other is well photographed. The contrast between the two is due to the transmitted emotion and not due to the quality of the image. Today we can make hd wedding photos, wedding photography with 2 cameras. From a technical point of view, it has evolved enormously. But the wedding as an event has evolved? Many Western traditions that do not represent us have been taken over. I hope the evolution of the wedding photography is not limited to the equipment. I would love the photo style to be a priority.

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