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In the “run” to make wedding preparations perfect, small mistakes makes them self through. Searching for a wedding photographer can give you headaches. Ask quotes from several wedding photographers, compare prices to make a difference and choose the right package. In a hurry, act instinctively. An aspect that is often overlooked is the choice of wedding photographer. Brides are looking for a wedding photographer closer to them. Because? The reasons are (with which I disagree):

Is near

It is not compulsory to meet the photographer’s study. It is possible to meet with the photographer at the location where you are at the reception or in another location that suits you best. If he is flexible, he accepts the meeting. You do not need a whole Milan wedding photography studio to make you decide.

There is no point in complicating with another photographer from neighboring Milan such as Pavia, Piacenza, Como

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Ask for availability. We are a team o photographers and videographers consecrated on offering professional wedding services in Italy.

Ask for availability

Think again! Only once you make the wedding. Because you would leave your memories on the second floor. Looking for a wedding photographer from Pavia, Piacenza or Como will surely be deserved. You will not only be limited to a couple of photographers from Milan and you can find more wedding photographers with lower prices than Milan. What is more the reason for choosing a wedding in Milan, when in fact the photos of a Piacenza photographer are actually more difficult for you? Distance is no longer an obstacle. Do not just look for exclusive wedding photographers in the Milan area.

The bride and groom looking for the best wedding photographer

You can see the portfolio and meet with the wedding photographer virtually

Photos to get you an idea can be seen by visiting the photographer’s site. If you are a good wedding photographer you will constantly update the site and/or speak on the phone or via Skype. If I’m in case the spouses are in Rome, I use Skype to interact with them. So let them see the photo books, explain the packets and know each other.

Wedding photographers from Milan are the best

The talent is not expressed from the base of the area here is the photographer. In the vicinity of Milan, you can find yourself in advantage and find lower prices for the cost of wedding packages than Milan. The prices of a dedicated Milan wedding photography studio will be directly proportional based on the prices they have to pay for multiple payments. For example, a wedding photography studio in Piacenza or Pavia will have to pay a lower rent and hence the prices for the packages will be lower.

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