What kind of photo cameras wedding photographer use?

A wedding photographer can buy a very diversified range of photo cameras. In order to answer the question: What kind of photo cameras a wedding photographer use? I will first exemplify the categories of photographers. As I wrote about the wedding professional photographer , so I will try to discuss this topic too. The article has an informative role and does not present technical statistics of the cameras that a wedding photographer uses to photograph a wedding.
In my view, the equipment differs a lot also in terms of the level at which a wedding photographer reached. Even if for many people counts what kind of cameras a wedding photographer uses, you must understand that the artist’s vision is more important than the equipment used. The categories of wedding photographers are divided into 3 groups

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Amateur wedding photographer:
An amateur wedding photographer will never afford a huge investment. Many of them use the classic photo cameras. Photo cameras that can be 7 years old since the model appeared on the market. I repeat, not the equipment plays the most important part in the final result. An offeror who is passionate about what he does will never stay at this level. It is worth mentioning the fact that the fees of these photographers do not exceed 500 Euros. But let’s list some camera models that are still present at the wedding shootings in Italy.

Canon 5D Mark II                              Nikon D700                                          Sony A9000

Average wedding photographer:
An average wedding photographer has the opportunity to invest much more than an amateur photographer. Their results are much better than those of amateurs even if some of them use the same equipment that an amateur wedding photographer uses. This type of offeror represents the average services in Italy. The annual earnings of an average wedding photographer are around 4,900 Euros. Sure, with good promotion it can also reach 8,500 Euros. But the promotion costs. The fees of these offerors do not exceed the amount of 600 – 750 Euro.

What cameras does a wedding photographer use? average…

Canon 6d                                        Canon 5d mk3                                               Canon 7d

Professional wedding cameraman:
Once you reached the segment of the best ones, you automatically have requested. In order to have the demand, you need to have a constructive evolution. Once with your constructive evolution, your fees will grow. If your fees grow, then your performance will be higher and higher. There is a saying, if you get to be good, you can afford the top equipment. That’s how it is. Clearly, your vision regarding this segment will immediately identify the benefits of using a professional video camera. In the Italian market, DSLR’s are used. The professional cameramen` offers start from the amount of 700 Euros.

Let’s see what video cameras are they using? pro…

Nikon d810                                       Canon 5dmk4                                                 Sony A9

Remember: Do not be interested in what cameras a wedding photographer uses? Look for what he is able to do with a photo camera. The photography does not mean video. The information from this article represents the vision of a photographer about the equipment used in wedding photography. What would you choose?

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