Your wedding photo shoot: tricks to maximize the result

Your wedding day is unique and the photographic services cannot be repeated: therefore the first is good! With this you don’t want to worry, but simply give suggestions so that your photo shoot, which will remain one of the most tangible memories of this moment, is an excellent result!

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1. The choice of the photographer

This is fundamental. The photographer must be specialized in weddings, because photographers can be of various kinds: better to choose a person expert in the specific sector, who can guide us and give us good advice, but above all produces a quality service. It is better to get to know each other first, to share some information on the spouses and to talk about the expectations on the kind of service you would like to have: both as effects, and as a type of story. Opt for a photographer with whom you immediately feel empathy.

2. General tests
The ideal would be to go to the location where the wedding will take place and take some test photos, also to break the ice: keep in mind that on the wedding day you will be in a whirlwind of emotions, therefore having already made preliminary tests with the photos, it should make you easier for the photo shoot.

3. The trick
The groom will be natural, but the bride will have a particularly refined make-up. The best photographic effect is obtained with a matte makeup that tends to dull the skin and remove any possibility of a shiny effect, whatever the light: an element that cannot be completely foreseen because it depends on the weather. The less interference there is on the skin, the better it is, so you should try to avoid glitter or too obvious glitter effects, which create final problems to be corrected in post production. A makeup with a cold base tends to make the features more thoughtful, for this reason it is advisable to opt for warm tones. A too marked eye, with a dark outline, could be counterproductive in some poses. Surely an expert makeup artist will be able to advise you best!

4. Take your time
The wedding day will be hectic, on this there is no doubt, but as much as you can be surrounded by a thousand people and you will have hundreds of things to do and think, when you take the photos, take the necessary time because each shot must be carefully studied . Don’t be in a hurry and don’t put it to the photographer: you can do everything rest assured it has always been this way and it won’t be different for you. The photos dedicated to the newlyweds only take at least an hour and must be taken before lunch or dinner. Do not worry about the guests, they will be able to cope alone with the aperitif in the restaurant and in the meantime you are enjoying this moment with pleasure.

5. Have fun
This is fundamental. Do not take the photo shoot as an unavoidable commitment you have to make. Try to think of it as a moment that you dedicate to your future memories. If you feel more confident with the lens, you can dare, or get the best poses from the photographer. Living this as fun will be reflected directly on the photos, which will be more empathetic, natural and will represent you better.

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